Aspose.Barcode Cloud REST API provides features to generate barcode image andrecognize barcode from image. This cloud based barcode API allows you to perform these major barcode operations using simple cloud based REST API methods. You need to invoke the particular operation by calling the relevant URI. The barcode generation and recognition operation is performed on the Aspose Cloud server. You can either save the barcode image on the server or download it at your own computer after processing. Aspose.Barcode Cloud API provides great flexibility while generating new barcode images.

You can generate new barcode image and save it on the Aspose Cloud storage or you can download it at your end using the API and save it in a stream or a file. While generating barcode image, you can specify the barcode symbology of your choice. In order to create actual barcode, you also need to specify the code text for the barcode. You can also set image and text attributes while generating barcodes. For example, you can set image format, image resolution, X and Y dimensions etc.

You can also set font type, font size, font style, font color, background color, and alignment etc. to decorate the barcode text. All of these attributes can be set with the help of a single URI, in a single call. This shows you the flexibility and ease of use with which you can generate barcode using Aspose.Barcode Cloud REST API. Aspose.Barcode Cloud API provides same flexibility when you try to recognize barcode from image. You can either recognize a barcode from a local file on the storage or you can specify an image URL.

Aspose.Barcode Cloud can recognize the barcode from the remote image easily and quickly, so you do not even need to upload it to Aspose Cloud server. These operations can be performed either using direct REST URIs or the SDKs. The REST URIs allow you to write your own code to invoke the Aspose.Barcode Cloud API operations. You can write this code from scratch or use some REST client for your language which invokes these operations. While using direct REST URIs, you’ll have to handle the request and response in your own code. This definitely provides you more flexibility.

On the other hand, we provide SDKs in different languages, including .NET, Java, PHP etc. These SDKs are wrappers on our REST URIs. We have exposed simple methods in these SDKs which provide you an easy way to invoke these barcode generation and recognition operations quickly. You do not need to write much code. Also, these SDKs are open source, so you can also see what’s going on inside and extend these SDKs for your own requirements. You can download barcode generation and recognition SDKs from Aspose Cloud’s Github repositories.

REST and SDK Examples:

Generate barcode
Recognize barcode

We offer a free development account for evaluation purposes, so you could try these barcode generation and recognition features. You can sign up at Aspose Cloud website and get started now. All you have to do is, create an account and get the application information. You can use the above examples to get started with the Aspose.Barcode Cloud REST API.