Aspose.Barcode Cloud is a REST API that allows you to generate and recognize barcodes. You can generate barcode image in various formats like JPEG, TIFF, BMP etc and you may choose to recognize barcodes from images of different types. Aspose.Barcode Cloud allows you to generate barcode images from scratch in linear (1D), two dimensional (2D), and postal formats. It is a platform independent API that supports various features to let you specify image width, height, border style, output image format etc.

Using Aspose.Barcode for Cloud, you can customize barcode size and set the x and y dimensions of barcode as per your requirements. Configuring the size of barcode is an important aspect as it helps in scanning the image with more clarity. You can provide custom values for width and height of barcode image to generate images with better quality and readability. The term size and image resolution of the barcode is often used together as it determines the appearance of barcode image.

Aspose.Barcode Cloud allows you to configure the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the barcode image for better resolution. You can set resolution for the barcode image based on your printer resolution. You can customize barcode size and image resolution easily using the feature rich Aspose.Barcode Cloud REST API.

We have SDK and REST examples for Aspose.Barcode Cloud REST API that help you utilize it for your applications in the cloud.

REST and SDK Examples:

Set image resolution

Set X and Y Dimensions

You can refer to our comprehensive documentation that guides you through the complete features and examples of Aspose.Barcode Cloud. All you need to do is download the required SDKs of Aspose.Barcode Cloud and enhance the productivity of your applications in the cloud.

We offer a free development account for evaluation purposes, so you could try these image resolution features for your barcode images. You can sign up and get started with the feature rich APIs in no time. Feel free to write to us in case of any queries or feedback regarding Aspose Cloud APIs. Keep tuned in to our blogs for the latest updates and announcements.