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Aspose.Words exporter is a 100% Free WordPress posts and pages export plugin. In order to use this plugin, you even do not need to subscribe or signup. Just install the plugin over WordPress instance and start exporting single as well as multiple blog posts/pages to MS Word and other support Word file formats.

Custom Excerpts

Excerpts are additional input fields below the editor where you can add your custom summary and by default, the custom summary feature in WordPress is only available for posts. In case your WordPress theme does not support summarys for pages, you could enable this feature by adding a code snippet and the recent release of Aspose.Words Exporter plugin for WordPress supports the capabilities to render custom fields and custom summarys while rendering the Posts and Pages to supported Word document formats such as DOCX, DOC, ODT, DOT, DOTX, RTF, and TXT.

Preview of Custom summary

Fig 1:- Preview of custom summary in WordPress.

Preview of Excerpt in DOCX file

Fig 2:- Preview of DOCX file containing custom summary.

Images Rendering

An image is worth a thousand words! Therefore, the images are one of the integral parts of WordPress posts as well as pages so, the latest version (5.3.0) is now capable of rendering images when converting blog pages to MS Word format. However, please note that inbound access from for images is currently supported and the images shall be hosted on Live WordPress instances.

Improved Performance

Among nonfunctional requirements, the performance is one of the key factors as it ensures how well and quick the system will fulfill the user’s requests. In the new release, the performance has been keenly improved and significant progress has been made to increase document export procedure as compared to previous release versions.

Template Based exports

The new release is also capable to cater custom template changes and render them in the output format. It also provides the capabilities to Edit and customize exported documents using templates, providing you more flexibility related to document creation and rendering. Furthermore, the size of the plugin has also been reduced by optimizing the code.

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