Aspose.Words Cloud is a REST based API that allows you to manipulate your documents in cloud. You can create, manipulate and convert your documents to various other file formats like PDF, Doc, Docx, WordML RTF, ODT, FlatOpc,Dotm, tiff, swf, mhtml, txt, to name a few. Aspose.Words Cloud is platform independent API that can be used with any language of your choice and can be integrated with other cloud APIs for better productivity. Text extraction from documents has always been a highlighted feature among web and mobile developers.

Aspose.Words for Cloud provides the best solutions to its users that makes it one of the best APIs in cloud. You can extract text from your documents including MS Word documents using Aspose.Words Cloud API. You can get text from complete document in paragraphs and the formatting information such as font type, font size and color is maintained in extracted text. Aspose.Words Cloud REST API and SDKs are available in various programming languages that allow you to manipulate and process your documents. You can extract text from your documents using Aspose.Words Cloud REST API examples such as .NET and PHP.

You can refer to our documentation for Aspose.Words Cloud to see the API features and available examples. By using Aspose.Words Cloud SDKs, the text extraction task from documents is simple and the quality of text is maintained throughout the document’s lifespan. Aspose.Words Cloud works with our other File Format APIs to give you access to powerful engines and take document processing and manipulation experience to another level. You can index the extracted text for search independently of your file system. Aspose.Words Cloud assures its valued customers of consistent results, high readability performance and format retention of text extraction from documents.

We offer a free development account to get you started with powerful features of Aspose Cloud REST APIs, so please sign up now to evaluate the APIs. For more details, you can refer to Aspose.Words Cloud features or write to us for any questions or feedback. Stay tuned to our blogs for announcements and updates.