Aspose.Words Cloud

[![Aspose.Words Cloud logo][1]. Taking a step further, it lets you render drawing shapes in documents to images. Aspose.Words Cloud works with our other file format APIs. Working together, our APIs provide powerful engines for dealing with a wide range of word processing, presentation and spreadsheet file formats. Aspose.Words Cloud also integrates easily with Aspose Cloud’s APIs for working with barcodes, email and OCR. Aspose.Words Cloud is a complete solution for performing any operation you can wish to perform on a document in the cloud.

Working with Aspose.Words

  1. To integrate Aspose Cloud SDK into your iOS project, please read Getting Started with the Aspose Cloud iOS SDK
  2. Sign up with Aspose Cloud service at:
  3. [Create a new App and get your App SID and App Key][2].
  4. Call setAppKey:andAppSID: class method of AsposeApp with your App SID and App Key as an arguments to this method.
  5. Set the base product URI e.g. to [][3] by calling setBaseProductUri: class method of Product.

Set App Key and App SID

  1. Import AsposeAPIs.h header file in your class.
  2. Now you are ready to work with Aspose.Words APIs.
  3. Please go through this [Programmers Guide][4], and with [Aspose Cloud iOS SDK][5] you can access all these APIs with just one line of code.
  4. To help you get started we also provided [Unit Test coverage][6] to Aspose.Word APIs.

Customer Feedback

Your feedback is very important to us. Please feel free to provide feedback and raise feature requirements. We are keen to implement customer driven features since we are a 100% customer driven company.

[1]: “Aspose.Words Cloud logo”)]( Cloud, a cloud-based document creation, manipulation and conversion API, helps you process documents with its many flexible features. You can perform a wide variety of document operations with Aspose.Words Cloud’s REST API. Create a new document from scratch, modify an existing document, convert documents to different formats, and render the document to images. Aspose.Words Cloud allows you to convert documents to DOC, DOCX, XPS, TIFF, PDF, HTML, SWF, and many other formats. It lets you render a complete document or a single page to different image formats (JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, and so on [2]: “Create a new App and get your App SID and App Key” [3]:" [4]: “Programmers Guide” [5]: “Aspose Cloud iOS SDK” [6]: “Unit Test coverage”