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New BarCode Features in the Aspose Cloud PHP SDK

We have implemented the following functions to the Aspose Cloud PHP SDK:

Installing the Aspose Cloud PHP SDK

You can download it using “Composer” from any of the following places:

Usage Examples

Read Barcode from External Image URL

use Aspose\Cloud\Common\AsposeApp;
use Aspose\Cloud\Common\Product;
use Aspose\Cloud\Barcode\BarcodeReader;

/**** Section 1 ****/
Product::$baseProductUri = '';
AsposeApp::$appSID = "XXXXXXXXXX";
AsposeApp::$appKey = "XXXXXXXXXX";
/**** End Section 1 ****/

/**** Section 2 ****/
$symbology = "Code39Standard";
$url = "";
$barcode = new BarcodeReader("barcode.jpg");
$result = $barcode->readFromURL($url, $symbology);
/**** End Section 2 ****/ 

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