In today’s communication era, most of the organizations and IT resources widely use PDF documents for their business requirements. The exclusive features of PDF files make them stand out among various other file formats. The reasons for PDF file’s popularity include the security and reliability that it offers to the users. PDF files are simple to create, easy to use and portable across any platform. Aspose Cloud APIs have a collection of features that help you improve the performance and productivity of your applications.

Aspose.PDF Cloud allows you to create, edit and manipulate PDF files with a variety of features. This feature-rich API offers a suite of features that you can use to process your PDF files. You can convert different file formats to PDF documents using Aspose Cloud APIs such as Aspose.Cells Cloud, Aspose.Words Cloud and Aspose.Slides Cloud. Let’s have a look at each of these APIs:

Convert .doc and .docx files to PDF You can convert your documents including MS Word files to PDF using Aspose.Words Cloud API. The document quality and formatting is retained in the converted PDF file.

Convert MS Word file to other Formats

For more information, please refer to “Convert document to other file formats and images”.

Convert .xls and .xlsx files to PDF

Using Aspose.Cells Cloud, you can convert worksheets to PDF files in the cloud. The file conversion of .xls and .xlsx files to PDF is quick, accurate and quality of the document is maintained throughout the document’s lifespan.

Convert Workbook to different File Formats

For more information, please refer to “Convert XLS and XLSX spreadsheets to different file formats”.

Convert .ppt and .pptx files to PDF

You can convert your presentations to PDF files using Aspose.Slides Cloud REST API. Using this feature-rich API, you can convert .ppt and .pptx files to PDF with high quality, accurate and efficient conversion results.

Convert PowerPoint documents to different file formats without using storage

For more information, please refer to “Convert Powerpoint presentations to other files formats”.

Aspose Cloud APIs help you in document processing tasks by providing useful features that are easy to use and yield quality results. You can collaborate various File Format APIs to implement a combination of features in your application. Sign up at Aspose Cloud and convert different file formats to PDF files using REST APIs. You can opt for free development account to evaluate the file conversion feature. Stay tuned to our blogs for more updates.