Aspose.Email Cloud

Aspose.Email Cloud is a REST API for creating email archiving applications that work with common email file formats. It lets developers manipulate message formats such as MSG, EML, and MHT files. The API supports many common tasks, for example accessing messages, reading message properties such as sender, receiver, message sent date, and message details. It also supports converting messages back and forth between EML, MSG and MHT formats. With Aspose.Email Cloud, it is further possible to access messages and retrieve attachments that can then be saved to a local disc. The robust API saves developers time and effort when programming with emails in the cloud.

Working with Aspose.Email

  1. To integrate Aspose Cloud SDK into your iOS project, please read Getting Started with the Aspose Cloud iOS SDK
  2. Sign up with Aspose Cloud service at:
  3. Create a new App and get your App SID and App Key.
  4. Call setAppKey:andAppSID: class method of AsposeApp with your App SID and App Key as an arguments to this method.
  5. Set the base product URI to by calling setBaseProductUri: class method of Product.

  1. Import AsposeAPIs.h header file in your class.
  2. Now we are ready to work with Aspose.Email APIs.


Convert email messages back and forth between EML, MSG and MHT formats

+ (NSString *) convertEmailToFormat:(NSString *) fileName format:(NSString *) format 
                                                          andSaveAs:(NSString *) outFileName;

Download attachment from message by calling following method

+ (ASPOSEEmailAttachmentResponse *) getEmailAttachment:(NSString *) fileName 
                                    attachmentName:(NSString *) attachmentName 
                                    andSaveAs:(NSString *) outFileName;

Retrieve email message property by calling following method

+ (NSString *) getEmailProperty:(NSString *) fileName 
               propertyName:(NSString *) propertyName;

Set email message property by calling following method

+ (BOOL) setEmailProperty:(NSString *) fileName propertyName:(NSString *) propertyName 
         propertyValue:(NSString *) propertyValue;

Unit Tests for Aspose.Email

To help you get started we also provided unit test coverage to Aspose.Email APIs.


Please download latest release of Aspose_Cloud_SDK_For_iOS from following URL

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