Happy new year!

2013 saw Aspose focus tightly on extending its platform support and streamlining its development process. The year saw the introduction of two new platforms, Cloud and Android, and merged a couple of products. We’ve also reaped industry awards and re-designed our newsletter. Our community grew too and user number 200,000 registered with us.

Below, we take a closer look at our recent achievements.

New Products

Aspose has several products for Android In 2013, Aspose launched two entirely new product ranges and extended the existing ranges: Aspose for Android and Aspose for Android.

Aspose for Android is a range of document management and email management tools for Android. The suit includes:

Aspose Cloud is range of document management Cloud REST APIs. The suite consists of:

Aspose for SharePoint has also seen a new addition:


Aspose’s ventures have continued to grow. GroupDocs extended their product range to include Cloud and .NET libraries so that developers, as well as business users, can benefit from their convenient document management tools and view, convert, sign, annotate, assemble and compare documents.

Notable Improvements

Most of our products are updated monthly, with everything from fixes, to platform updates, new features and process improvements. It’s difficult to chose which features to highlight, but below is a short list.

  • Aspose.PDF for Java is now autoported from Aspose.PDF for .NET (more on that below).
  • Optical Mark Recognition added to Aspose.BarCode for .NET.
  • Improved infrastructure architecture means that Aspose Cloud supports auto-scaling and load balancing, and is more reliable.

Community Involvement

Aspose supports user groups across the world In 2013, Aspose sponsored more user groups than any previous year. As well as supporting groups that we have worked with before, we expanded to sponsor user groups and conferences across the US, Europe and Asia. Some of the events we’ve sponsored are:

  • BASTA!, Darmstadt, Germany
  • C# Corner MVP Summit, Jaipur, India
  • Carolina Code Camp 2013, Matthews, North Carolina, USA
  • Central Ohio JUG, Dublin, Ohio, USA
  • DDD East Anglia 2013, Cambridge, UK
  • Glasgow Coderetreat, Glasgow, UK
  • ISDC 2013, Bangalore, India
  • jDays 2013, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • .NET UY, Montevideo,
  • SharePoint Saturday Belgium 2013, Brussels, Belgium
  • SQLSaturdays #258, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Tulsa .NET User Group, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
  • XeDotNet, Venice, Italy

Find out more about sponsorship.

Awards 2012-2013

Dev Pro Community Choice Awards 2013 logo In February, Aspose was delighted to be awarded several awards in the ComponentSource Top 100 Product Awards 2012-2013. Aspose.Total for .NET got Top 5 Bestselling Product, Aspose.Words for .NET and Aspose.Total for Java both got Top 25 Bestselling Product, and Aspose.Cells for .NET got Top 50 Bestselling Product.

In November, Aspose.Email won silver in the Best Email Control category in the Dev Pro Community Choice Awards.

Merged Products

Aspose continues to streamline its product line. In August, the PDF manipulation features in Aspose.PDF.Kit for Java were integrated into Aspose.PDF. This means that our Java customers only need one API to work with PDF files, not two. Aspose.PDF for .NET and Java lets developers create new and manipulate existing PDF files with one convenient toolkit. To further improve Aspose.PDF for Java, it is now autoported from Aspose.PDF for .NET, so that .NET and Java customers the same feature set.

On the Java side, we also merged Aspose.Metafile’s features into Aspose.Imaging for Java. Aspose.Metafiles filled a very specific niche: allowing Java users to program with metafiles (WMF, EMF). Integrating these features into Aspose.Imaging for Java means all image manipulation features are in the same API.

Looking Forward to 2014

We have plans for where we’re taking our products in 2014 and look forward to sharing them with you. You’ll see continued development of our APIs, this year, as we ensure that they are as robust and easy-to-use as they can be.

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We wish you a successful and productive 2014!