We are pleased to announce that Aspose Cloud has been migrated to new Amazon EC2 architecture with Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing and several other features. Uninterrupted and reliable service are the key requirements for any Cloud service and our team is working hard to keep providing faster, secure, reliable and uninterrupted service to our valued customers. Migration to this new architecture is a big step forward.

With the introduction of this new architecture, our customers will see big improvement in the following areas.

  • Performance – Incoming traffic will be distributed across multiple Amazon EC2 server instances. Every server will process manageable number of requests, no server will be overloaded and performance will be greatly improved.
  • Stability – A combination of auto-scaling and load balancing features provides more stability. Auto-scaling scales the capacity of the servers up and down without any manual intervention and Elastic Load Balancing ensures that only healthy Amazon EC2 instances receive traffic by detecting unhealthy instances and rerouting traffic across the remaining healthy instances.
  • Reliability – Aspose Cloud is now more reliable because load is distributed across multiple servers and only healthy servers will process the requests. Traffic will be rerouted from unhealthy servers towards the healthy servers and required resources will always be available to process your requests. This ensures that you will always get a response and all valid requests will be processed.
  • Backward Compatibility – New architecture has been built on top of the existing architecture, so backward compatibility is present. Our valued customers can keep using their existing code without any changes. We have tried our best to migrate all data but chances are there that some files might not be migrated. You can re-upload your files if you see a ‘Key not found’ exception.

In addition to the above, this new architecture provides a perfect platform for asynchronous processing and large file support. Whether you are a new or existing customer and want to know more about Aspose Cloud, visit the product pages, documentation, live examples and API reference. If you have any queries regarding our Cloud products, visit the Support Forums.