Aspose Cloud is a cloud-based platform that is used by developers to generate, convert and automate their documents. It is composed of REST APIs that allow you to work with different file formats independent of the application platform. Whether its text extraction from your slides or spreadsheets, or rendering your files and documents, Aspose Cloud REST APIs support all such operations. Aspose Cloud APIs such as Aspose.Words Cloud, Aspose.Cells Cloud, Aspose.PDF Cloud, Aspose.OCR Cloud and Aspose.Barcode Cloud easily integrate with other cloud services.

Aspose Cloud cloud provides you with the best computing services that can be used on multiple platforms for text extraction from different file formats. You can use Aspose.OCR Cloud to scan text from BMP and TIFF images and generate editable text-based document using the REST API. Aspose.OCR Cloud supports font and character recognition of scanned text for multiple languages such as English, French and Spanish. You can scan text, images, and shapes from documents including MS Word or OpenOffice Documents.using Aspose.Words Cloud API.

You can also use Aspose.Cells Cloud API to scan text from your worksheets or complete workbooks. Using Aspose.PDF Cloud, you can perform text extraction on different components of a PDF file such as whole document, specific page or a specific fragment. Aspose.Slides Cloud allows you to scan text, images and shapes from presentations including MS PowerPoint presentations or OpenOffice presentations.

You may also use Aspose.Barcode Cloud for BarCode recognition requirements of your application. The text is extracted in paragraphs and the formatting information such as font type, font size and color is maintained during text extraction. Text extraction is quick, accurate and you can index the extracted text for search within the document. You can use the scanned text to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDF etc.

Aspose Cloud products are designed to provide best computing solutions in the cloud. We support our feature rich APIs for Android applications as well to take your computing experience to next level. You can scan images and documents for text extraction on your Android platform using Aspose Cloud REST APIs.

For more information, please refer to product documentations such as Aspose Cloud REST, Aspose.Words Cloud, Aspose.Cells Cloud, Aspose.PDF Cloud, Aspose.Slides Cloud, Aspose.OCR Cloud and Aspose.Barcode Cloud. We offer a free development account to get you started with powerful features of Aspose Cloud REST APIs, so sign up with Aspose Cloud and start manipulating your documents now! Keep tuned in to our blogs for more updates. We would be pleased to assist you in case of any confusions and queries.