Aspose.Imaging Cloud SDK for Perl is also available as a released package in the [CPAN (Perl Archive Network)][6] . You can bypass GitHub source code repository and depend directly on the released package by installing from cpan: Aspose.Imaging Cloud SDK for Perl - CPAN installation

 sudo cpan AsposeImagingCloud::ImagingApi 
```You can also manually build the module by downloading the code and executing the following in the root directory of the download:

perl Build.PL ./Build ./Build test ./Build install

use lib ’lib’; use strict; use warnings; use File::Slurp; # From CPAN

use AsposeImagingCloud::ImagingApi; use AsposeImagingCloud::ApiClient; use AsposeImagingCloud::Configuration;

$AsposeImagingCloud::Configuration::app_sid = ‘XXX’; $AsposeImagingCloud::Configuration::api_key = ‘XXX’;

$AsposeImagingCloud::Configuration::debug = 1;

#Instantiate Aspose.Imaging API SDK my $imagingApi = AsposeImagingCloud::ImagingApi->new();

my $data_path = ‘../data/’;

#set input file name my $name = ‘sample.bmp’; my $bitsPerPixel = 24; my $horizontalResolution = 300; my $verticalResolution = 300;

#invoke Aspose.Imaging Cloud SDK API to update BMP specific properties without using cloud storage my $response = $imagingApi->PostImageBmp(bitsPerPixel => $bitsPerPixel, horizontalResolution => $horizontalResolution, verticalResolution => $verticalResolution, file => $data_path.$name);

if($response->{‘Status’} eq ‘OK’){

my $output_file = 'C:/temp/'. $name;
write_file($output_file, { binmode => ":raw" }, $response->{'Content'});


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