Aspose Cloud APIs are designed to meet the user’s requirement by providing a number of features to incorporate in the applications. It stands out among various other file format APIs due to its robust, efficient and reliable solutions that make it a perfect choice. Aspose Cloud APIs provide flexible and cost effective solutions to small or medium business enterprises. You may choose to combine different APIs and select custom features for your applications to take your cloud computing experience to another level. You can upload your files on Aspose Cloud storage and use Aspose Cloud REST API URIs to perform multiple operations on these files.

Aspose Cloud Storage is available with every package to upload your files and process your documents using Aspose Cloud REST APIs. We have been continuously putting efforts to provide you the best services and based on your feedback and suggestions we add different features to the APIs. At Aspose Cloud, the support for 3rd party platforms has been always an important aspect. We have provided support for several storage options such as Windows Azure, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and Dropbox storage. We are pleased to announce that Google Cloud Storage is now integrated with Aspose Cloud File Format REST APIs.

You can integrate your current Google Cloud account with Aspose Cloud cloud API and enjoy quick and easy access to your data around the world. You can configure the Google Cloud storage with Aspose Cloud through our web interface in no time. Firstly, you need to create a project at Google Cloud and get the “Cilent ID” and “Client secret”. Then sign in at Aspose Cloud and open “My Storage”, select “Google Cloud Storage” from “Create New Storage” list on Aspose Cloud.

On “Create Google Cloud Storage” page, provide the required data in the fields. You need to provide “Cilent ID” and “Client Secret”, and then click “Generate Token” to fill in rest of the fields. Now save the form and enjoy using Google Cloud storage to store and manage your application data quickly and easily.

You can easily access the files uploaded on Google Cloud storage and process the documents in the cloud. You can upload your document including images, spreadsheets, presentations, MS Word documents etc. You can extract text, extract images, manipulate document properties, get formatting information and perform various other functions using Aspose Cloud file format APIs. With integration of 3rd party platforms with Aspose Cloud APIs, you can continue using services of external storage providers and keep your files with other storage provides. This adds more flexibility to access your files from these storage and help you process them with a wide range of REST API features.

Stay tuned to our blogs for more updates and announcements. You can also get a free Aspose Cloud account for evaluation purposes, sign up today and start working with our file format APIs.