Create and Manipulate MOST COMPLEX HTML Documents

Directly from within any type of Java Applications

Aspose.HTML for Java

Aspose.HTML for Java is an advanced HTML Documents manipulation API to allow developers create, load, edit or convert (X)HTML documents on the fly without requiring any additional tool.

The API extract CSS styling information, configures document sandbox and also provides a high fidelity rendering engine to convert HTML files to PDF, XPS and a number of commonly used raster image formats including TIFF, BMP, PNG & JPEG file formats.

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Available for: .NET

Native Xamarin iOS APIs for Manipulating Word Document Formats

Aspose.Words for iOS via Xamarin is released now..!!! It is an advanced Word document processing API to create, modify, convert and render Word documents directly within your native iOS applications. It supports DOC, OOXML, RTF, HTML, OpenDocument, PDF, XPS, EPUB and other document formats. Read more details here.

Emails Processing within Mac Applications Developed using Xamarin Framework

Aspose.Email for MAC via Xamarin is launched now..!! It enables application developers to create, manipulate or convert most commonly used email message formats (MSG, EML, EMLX, MHT) within the native Mac applications, without worrying about the complexities of the underlying format implementation. Read more details here.

Apply Conditional Formatting to Excel Files on Cloud

Aspose.Cells Cloud is a platform independent REST API that allows developers to process Excel files on Cloud. Developers can add and manipulate conditional formatting to a cell or range of cells at runtime and have that formatting change depending on the value of the cell or the value of a formula. Read more details here

From the Library

How to: Control Image Quality while Exporting a Visio Drawing to SVG format in .NET and Java Applications?

Aspose.Diagram API now supports exporting Visio drawings to SVG format. We have added a Quality member to SVGSaveOptions class that defines SVG export settings to allows developers to control SVG image quality. Try out fully functional .NET code examples here.

How to: Add Digital Signatures to an Excel Workbook in .NET?

Aspose.Cells for .NET provides Workbook.AddDigitalSignature (DigitalSignatureCollection) method that lets you to add digital signature to an already signed Excel file. Try out fully functional .NET code examples here.

How to: Convert PDF to PPTX, Image and PDF/A in .NET?

Aspose.PDF for .NET 17.9 improves conversion of PDF files to PPTX, Images and PDF/A. The API renders text data as image in resultant PPTX while renders individual image(s) separately; instead of merging them as single image in resultant file. Try out fully functional .NET code examples here.

How to: Convert and Split Word Documents to HTMLFixed Format in Cloud?

Aspose.Words Cloud 17.8 allows converting supported file formats to HTMLFixed format, HTML format using absolutely positioned elements. You can use HTMLFixed parameter for the purpose while converting or splitting the documents in /convert and /split methods. Read more details here.

How to: Render 3D Scene in Panorama Mode with depth in .NET?

Using Aspose.3D for .NET API - developers can render 3D scenes in Panorama mode with depth and also enhanced the way of binding animation curve. The BindCurve member of the CurveMapping class allows to create the curve on the component of the animation property. Try out fully functional .NET code examples here.

Programmatically Embed Fonts and Swap Chat Data in PowerPoint Presentations

Aspose.Slides makes it possible for .NET, Cloud, SharePoint and JasperReports developers to manage embedded fonts and swapping of chart data within presentations. EmbedFontCharacters enum and two overloads of AddEmbeddedFont method have been added in this API to embed all fonts used in the presentation.

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Product Releases and Updates

Aspose.Total for .NET – The latest versions of our .NET APIs packaged into one product suite.

Aspose.Total for Java – The latest versions of our Java APIs packaged into one product suite.

Aspose.Total for Android – The latest versions of our Android products packaged into one product suite.

Aspose.Total for Reporting Services – The latest versions of our SSRS products packaged into one product suite.

Aspose.Total for SharePoint – The latest versions of our SharePoint products packaged into one product suite.

Aspose.Total for JasperReports – The latest versions of JasperReports products packaged into one product suite.

Aspose.Words for .NET, Java and Android – Update fields with dirty attribute when opening a Word document.

Aspose.PDF for .NET 17.8 - Stable PDF to PDF/A, HTML or Raster Image conversion.

Aspose.Words for SharePoint 17.8 – Optimized Word to PDF and fonts rendering.

Aspose.Email for .NET, Java, Android and iOS via Xamarin 17.9 - PST files generated by APIs have improved file size now.

Aspose.PDF for Java 17.8 - Improved Form flattening and EPUB to PDF conversion.

Aspose.Words for Android via Xamarin - Significant size reduction while rendering Word document to PDF with repeating images in headers and footers.

Aspose.BarCode for Java 17.8 - Generate postal barcodes with specific height.

Aspose.BarCode for .NET and SSRS 17.8 - Improved postal barcode generation with specified height.

Aspose.Tasks for .NET 17.8 - Supports reading and writing rate scale data for MSP 2013 and above MPP file formats.

Aspose.Note for .NET 17.8 - Improved OneNote documents processing (page count functionality and page history accessibility).

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