Programmatically Manipulate HTML Files with Contents

Directly from within any type of .NET applications


Aspose.HTML for .NET APIs allows you to create, load, edit or convert (X)HTML documents without requiring additional software or tools. The API comes with a high fidelity rendering engine for fixed-layout formats such as PDF or XPS and a number of raster image formats.

.NET Developers can easily navigate through the HTML document either by elements, XPath or CSS selector queries; and insert, remove or replace HTML nodes on the go. Aspose.HTML for .NET also allows extracting CSS styling information of a particular HTML node or manipulating HTML DOM via JavaScript.

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Product News

New Product Launched: Aspose.Email for Android via Xamarin

Aspose.Email for Android via Xamarin is newly added Email APIs within Aspose.Email product family. It lets you develop native Android applications with Xamarin that are rich in emailing features. You can create, read, edit or convert email formats including MSG, EML, EMLX and MHT within Android apps developed using Xamarin framework. Explore email programming APIs further from official product announcement.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2016 (MOSS) supported in Aspose.Cells

Aspose.Cells for SharePoint 17.7 supports Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2016 (Standard and Enterprise) now thus making it easier for Microsoft SharePoint developers to convert Excel documents within SharePoint applications. The conversion is supported for PDF,XLSX, XML, ODS, TIFF, SVG and DIF file formats. Read more details here.

Add or Manipulate Tables in your existing Java PDF applications

Aspose.PDF for Java 17.6 announces support of adding or manipulating tables in existing PDF files along with getting height of table in existing PDF files. Just create TableAbsorber instance, iterate through page of PDF file, get rectangular instance for table object and then print the Height and Width information of extracted table instance. Read more details here.

From the Library

How to: Render Word document to PCL format in .NET and Android applications?

Aspose.Words now supports saving word document to PCL (Printer Control Language) format within any type of .NET and Android based applications. Try fully functional code examples for .NET and Android applications here.

How to: Convert from PDF to PPTX, TIFF, PDF/A in .NET?

Aspose.PDF for .NET 17.7 announces inter PDF file format conversion improvements. Significant improvements related to font rendering, performance, notes rendering, and text alignment are made while generating resultant PDF file. Try out fully functional C# code examples here.

Customize Excel Pivot Table - Render Excel Files and Protect VBA Projects in Android applications

Aspose.Cells for Android via Java 17.5 comes with lots of new feature and performance enhancements. You can convert text to column – setting warning callback for template loading - protect VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) project of Excel workbook with password and lock it for viewing - specifying DBNum custom pattern formatting and lots of other new features. Access code examples for all these features on official blog post.

Code Example: How to Create PDF with PDF/A-1a in .NET and Java?

Aspose.Cells now supports PDF/A-1a compliance in PDFSaveOptions, thus allowing creating PDF with PDF/A-1a – Level A (accessible) conformance. It already supports PDF/A-1b – Level B (basic) conformance. These code snippets in .NET and Java demonstrate how to convert an Excel file to PDF compatible with PDFA-1a.

Code Example: How to Print a PDF Document to Greyscale in .NET Applications?

PDFViewer class in Aspose.PDF.Facades offers the feature to print PDF documents. Developers can print the file in default colors on a printer that is already configured with the system. Now users can also print PDF files in Grayscale using PrintAsGrayscale property in PDFViewer class. Try this code snippet for further details.

Code Example: How to Export 3D Scene to GLTF 2.0 and Customize Non-PBR Material Conversion in .NET?

Aspose.Cells supports image tiling feature which allows you to display images that are too large to be displayed entirely as a single unit on a typical computer. The feature allows you to display by segmenting it into smaller yet more manageable image tiles. Try out fully functional .NET and Java code examples here.

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Product Releases and Updates

Aspose.Total for .NET – The latest versions of our .NET APIs packaged into one product suite.

Aspose.Total for Java – The latest versions of our Java APIs packaged into one product suite.

Aspose.Total for Android – The latest versions of our Android products packaged into one product suite.

Aspose.Total for Reporting Services – The latest versions of our SSRS products packaged into one product suite.

Aspose.Total for SharePoint – The latest versions of our SharePoint products packaged into one product suite.

Aspose.Total for JasperReports – The latest versions of JasperReports products packaged into one product suite.

Aspose.Words for Java 17.7 – Improved removing of unused resources from Word document.

Aspose.Words Cloud 17.6 - Improved API error messages to make them more readable.

Aspose.Slides for .NET, Reporting Services and SharePoint – Support for managing sections inside presentation within SQL Server Reporting Services, .NET and SharePoint applications.

Aspose.Words for Android 7.7 - Rendered PDF documents can now show the document title in the title bar of the viewer.

Aspose.Slides Cloud 17.6 - Specify the fontLocation parameter for custom embedded fonts when converting a Power Point slide to other formats.

Aspose.Email for .NET 17.7 - Reading multiple events from Calendar file (ICS) as individual appointment.

Aspose.Slides for Java 17.6 - Improved presentation rendering by adding slide comments inside exported HTML, PDF, SWF, TIFF and XPS.

Aspose.BarCode for Reporting Services 17.6 – Automatic configuration of Aspose.BarCode with MS SQL Server and MS Visual Studio.

Aspose.Email for Java – Filter messages from Exchange server with paging support.

Aspose.Tasks for .NET 17.6 – Improved errors related to recalculations in case of zero duration tasks, images recognition, and wrong calculations of summary tasks.

Aspose.Note for Java 17.3 – Add hyperlinks to images and print Microsoft OneNote documents.

Aspose.Diagram – Refresh the data of shapes in Microsoft Visio drawings in your .NET and Java applications.

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