Chart Manipulation

Our Aspose.Slide Cloud monthly releases continue, and we’re happy to announce the latest version, 19.10. It’s available on production server. It improves the Chart manipulation feature of the API .It includes a new chart property ShowDataLabelsOverMaximum to show data labels over the maximum of the chart, custom HTTP headers support and issue fixes in API Explorer. Check the release notes of this version for a complete list of enhancements and improvements.

Let me give you a quick overview of some of these chart manipulation features, carried in this new release.

Add Chart with ShowDataLabelsOverMaximum

While working with charts, there is a scenario where your maximum data value is greater than the maximum value of the axis and data goes off the chart canvas and data label does not show up in the chart. With the introduction of new property now you can specify to show data labels over the maximum of the chart in that case.

For example, in following chart maximum value of the vertical axis is 6 but Column 04 in Category 2 has value 7, so the data label is not reflected in this case.

Manipulate Chart

Now starting from this release, you can control the Data Labels appearance in discussing scenario. You can set ShowDataLablesOverMaximum to true and get the data labels in the chart:

Chart Manipulation

A cURL example to update the Chart properties:

Custom HTTP Header Support

Custom HTTP headers are commonly meant to provide additional information in the HTTP request. These are used for troubleshooting, informational purposes, and even implementing particular logic on the server-side.

In this release, we have implemented a new feature to pass custom HTTP headers in Aspose.Slides Cloud SDKs. The SDKs are wrapped around Cloud APIs and support all the features of Aspose.Slides Cloud API in your favorite programming language without worrying about the underlying REST API calls.

Here you can check how to pass custom HTTP header using Aspose.Slides Cloud SDK for .NET:

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