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Create powerpoint presentation

Programmatically create and edit PowerPoint presentation

Aspose.Slides Cloud SDK for Ruby is a REST API which allows you to process presentations. It allows you to create, modify, and convert presentations and provides a wide variety of features for working with presentations in the cloud. You can convert a presentation to TIFF, PDF, XPS, PPTX, ODP, PPSX, PPTM, PPSM, POTX, POTM, HTML and image formats. Aspose.Slides Cloud allows you to extract different elements or a presentation including slide, text, color schemes, font schemes, shapes and images etc. Aspose.Slides Cloud’s powerful API lets your apps process Microsoft PowerPoint presentations in the cloud, saving you the time it would take to develop your own API. .


You can install Aspose Slides Cloud SDK with RubyGem:

gem install aspose_slides_cloud

Source code

This SDK is open source and available for download on GitHub.

UsageAPIs of this SDK can be called as follows:

require 'aspose_slides_cloud'

class SlidesUsage

  include AsposeSlidesCloud
  include AsposeStorageCloud

  def initialize
    #Get App key and App SID from
    AsposeApp.app_key_and_sid("APP_KEY", "APP_SID")
    @slides_api =  

  def put_slides_convert
    #Convert presentation from request content to format specified.
    file_name = "sample.pptx"
    convert_to_format = "pdf"
    response = @slides_api.put_slides_convert("data/" << file_name,"r") { |io| }, {format: convert_to_format})


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Unit Tests

To help you get started, we have also provided unit test coverage for Aspose.Slides APIs.

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