Aspose Cloud APIs have a variety of features that significantly improves the productivity of your applications. The feature rich APIs have made it quite easy for the web and mobile app developers to work with file formats such as MS Word documents, presentations, spreadsheets and PDFs in their applications. Processing the presentations and working with various aspects of slides is supported by Aspose.Slides for Cloud. You can create, edit and manipulate PDF files by using Aspose.PDF for Cloud in your applications. Aspose Cloud APIs offer various types of features to add kinds of common tasks to your web app such as text and image extraction, file conversion, barcode generation and recognition etc.

Image extraction is an important aspect in processing the documents in the cloud. Using Aspose.Slides for Cloud REST API, you can extract images from the presentations by saving the slide as an image and use this image to generate a PDF file by using Aspose.PDF for Cloud. Aspose.Slides for Cloud allows you to save slide as an image. You can also save a slide as an image with the specified size and use it accordingly in your applications. This REST API allows to extract the images from the slides and you can use these images in several ways as per your requirements. You can achieve the desired results in your applications by using a combination of features supported by Aspose Cloud file format APIs. Once you have saved the slides as images, you can generate PDF files from image using Aspose.PDF for Cloud REST API.

Aspose.PDF for Cloud allows creating PDF files from JPEG images in the cloud. You can either create a PDF file from a single image or you may choose to create PDF files from a number or images. This helps to create a PDF file from presentations through a set of simple steps and it eliminates the need of complex tasks. All you need to do is save the slides as images and create PDF file from the images by using both APIs; Aspose.Slides for Cloud and Aspose.PDF for Cloud.

For more information, please refer to Aspose.Slides for Cloud and Aspose.PDF for Cloud documentation. Aspose Cloud APIs offer quick and produce results with a suite of useful features that help you improve your applications. You can collaborate various file format APIs to implement a combination of features in your application to enhance the productivity of your applications through simple and easy steps.

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