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Hello guys! We are excited to release Aspose.PDF Cloud 19.7. With the latest release of Aspose.PDF Cloud, our feature list expands with support of data import and export in PDF Forms. Another important enhancement is the batch processing of pages in PDF to HTML conversion. We have also refactored Aspose.PDF Cloud code in this release, which make it more stable and reliable PDF manipulation API.

I will give you an overview of some of the new features in the following sections. For complete details of new features and enhancement, please check the release notes of this version.

Working with PDF Form Data

There are business scenarios where you need to collect data using interactive forms, from users. The PDF Form is one good reliable option for the purpose. You gather the data in that form and put it into your database so you can use it later. But you do not need the entire form submitted back, only the data that users input. Or maybe you need to do the other way around, populate a PDF Form with data from your database.

In both these cases, data files; XML, FDF and XFDF are used for importing and exporting data in PDF Forms. This technique is an efficient way to transmit and archive data because the data files are smaller than PDF files. You can either send data files as response to some URL or email address using submit button on the form.

Aspose.PDF Cloud already supports to create a PDF Form. However, from this release you can import and export data files in PDF Forms. So, now Aspose.PDF Cloud is a complete solution to work with the PDF Forms.

Aspose.PDF Cloud supports three different file types to store the values of form fields. The FDF (Forms Data Format) file, it contains the values of the form fields in key/pair fashion. The XFDF file, that provides an XML encoded type of FDF called XFDF. An XFDF file stores the values of the form fields in a hierarchical manner using XML. And the XML file usually used by PDF Forms created with Adobe LiveCycle.

Let’s give you a quick overview of importing and exporting data in PDF forms using Aspose.PDF Cloud cURL commands. However, you can use the SDK of your favorite language in your application without worrying about underlying REST API Calls.

Export Data from PDF Form

You can export filled-in PDF form data as data-only files using Aspose.PDF Cloud and use these data files in your workflow.

Here’re the sample cURL commands to export different types of data files:

Export Data to FDF

Export Data to XFDF

Export Data to XML

Import Data into PDF Form

To view the exported data files of PDF forms, you can import back these files back into the corresponding PDF form.

Here’re the sample cURL commands to import different types of data files into a PDF Form:

Import FDF Data

Import XFDF Data

Import XML Data

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