PDF is the defacto file type to present documents, including text formatting and images, in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems. Aspose.PDF Cloud provides a number of operations that work seamlessly with your existing PDF documents, allowing you to convert to and from PDF formats, extract document information and sign your PDF documents on cloud storage of your choice.

Aspose.PDF Cloud allows users to sign and/or certify their PDF documents before distributing downstream. This would give your customers an added sense of security, that their PDF files have not been intentionally or unintentionally modified since they were authored.

How is signing different from certifying?

When signing a PDF document using a signature, you basically confirm its contents “as is”. Consequently, any other changes made afterward invalidate the signature and thus, you would know if the document was altered.

Whereas, certifying a document first allows you to specify the changes that a user can make to the document without invalidating the certification.

How do you know your document is signed?

When a document has a valid certification, a blue ribbon in a blue bar will show above the document in the viewer, like this:

sign pdf

In this case, the document originated from the United States Government Printing Office.

What signing algorithms does Aspose.PDF Cloud support?

As of now, we support the following standards

How to sign a PDF file with a signature using Adobe Acrobat?

certify pdf

In Adobe Reader click on Get Documents Signed

On the left hand, a poup will appear. Click on Place Signature under the Fill and Sign Tools Section.

On the left hand, a poup will appear. Click on Place Signature under the Fill and Sign Tools Section.

signture pdf

Drag a Rectangular portion over the document where you want to add your signature stamp.

pdf sign

Enter the password to your signing authority and the PDF will be saved with the stamp.

How to add a signature with Aspose.PDF Cloud?

Here we are going to sign a PDF page using Aspose.PDF Cloud.

Want to know if the document has been signed? Lets try the same operation again. Rather then the 200 response we get the following result

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