The Aspose Cloud APIs have been in the field for quite a long time now and helps developers manipulate many common documents on the fly. Aspose Cloud’s REST APIs support many common document processing and management tasks such as document assembly, mail merge, reporting, file conversion, text and image extraction, metadata removal, barcode generation and recognition. With each passing day, we are not only putting our best efforts to improve these APIs but also expanding our cloud products line.

Aspose.Email Cloud

We are pleased to announce the launch of Aspose.Email Cloud, a REST API for creating email archiving applications that work with common email formats. Application developers can use the API to perform a number of email manipulation operations such as converting messages to other formats, downloading attachments, and accessing message properties. These are just features of the launch version and we are working on new features such as creating a message that will soon be available. The API allows developers to manipulate emails with a number of languages such as .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, Rails, Python, jQuery and many more: it can be used with any language or platform that supports REST.


  • Convert Messages - Aspose.Email Cloud lets developers convert hosted email messages on the fly and retrieve messages from a mailbox using the document resource. At present, the API supports conversion between EML, MSG and MHT email formats.
  • Access Message Properties - This feature allows you to access messages and retrieve message properties such as sender, receiver, subject, sent date, etc., using the properties resource offered by the API. This allows message metadata information to be retrieved and stored in archiving applications.
  • Download Message Attachments - Based on the attachments properties information retrieved from messages, Aspose.Email provides the capability to access and download message attachments from mailboxes using the attachment resource. Attachments can be accessed and downloaded based on the attachment name.

Live Examples

Can’t wait to watch it working? You can visit the Live Examples page and try the click-to-go examples for a demonstration.

Getting Started With Aspose.Email Cloud

You can get started with Aspose.Email Cloud API in no time by creating an account at Aspose Cloud. Get application information (App key and SID) and use the Aspose.Email Cloud REST API with any language and platform. In addition, our online documentation provides a rich set of working code samples that can be used to understand the API.


If you have any questions about Aspose.Email Cloud, feel free to write to us on the Aspose.Email forum and our technical representative will soon get in touch with you.