Hello Guys! We’re pleased to share another important monthly release of Aspose.Diagram Cloud API release, 19.10. In this blog post I’ll introduce you with the new features and enhancements of the release using VSDX to PDF conversion feature.

In this release, we’ve made significant updates to improve performance and stability of Aspose.Diagram Cloud to make it the developer’s first choice for Microsoft Visio file format manipulation without depending on Microsoft Visio. We introduced SaveOption parameter for the SaveAs API to export Visio files to supported file formats with customized settings. Integrated new APIs for storage operations in the Aspose.Diagram Cloud API and many other enhancements in the API structure to make it more optimized and refined. You can check the release notes of new version to get a complete list of new features and fixes.

Let me demonstrate the some of the changes in subsequent sections.

Convert VSDX to PDF with PHP

Aspose.Diagram Cloud lets you to create and convert Microsoft Visio drawings to a number of file formats on any platform without depending on any tool or plugin. I’ll show you how easily you can convert VSDX to PDF using Aspose.Diagram Cloud SDK for PHP with new release. However, you can use the API on any language or platform that supports REST or use SDK of your favorite language directly in your application.

Here we go, follow these steps to convert VSDX to PDF:

Step 1: Sign up with aspose.cloud and get free app KEY and SID

Step 2: install PHP from the Packagist

Step 3: Create a new php file and copy paste following code to upload a VSDX file to Aspose storage and convert to PDF

Tell Us What You Think

We would love you to hear from you, what you think about Aspose.Diagram Cloud API new release? If you’ve any suggestions or if you need any particular features which you expect our Aspose.Diagram REST API to have, please feel free to drop us a comment below or at the support forum. If you’ve not already tried our REST API, we encourage you sign up with the aspose.cloud for a free trial today and explore the API live examples, online Documentation and code samples on Github.

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