We are excited to announce new release Aspose.Cells Cloud 19.5. If you are working with the Markdown file format, then it is good news for you. From this release Aspose.Cells Cloud starts the support of Markdown file format.

Let’s show you how conveniently you can export your Spreadsheet documents to Markdown file format on any platform. You do not need any cumbersome coding for the purpose.

Let’s have a look at conversion code using cURL commands for REST API requests.

Get Authentication Token

Upload source document to Storage

Export source document to Markdown File Format

In case you still haven’t met the API and haven’t worked with it, free trial is right here waiting for you to give it a try and explore the power of the Aspose.Cells Cloud REST API. All you need is to sign up with the aspose.cloud and visit our developer resources for a quick start: