Aspose.Cells for Cloud allows you to create, manipulate and convert workbooks to other file formats. It is a REST API with a collection of useful features to perform various functions involved in document processing. These features not only allow you to manage your worksheets but you can also combine a variety of features from different APIs for desired results. Aspose.Cells for Cloud also provides the powerful feature of converting XLS and XLSX files to various other formats that retains the format and quality of the document.

You can create a workbook from scratch using Aspose.Cells for Cloud REST API. There are three approaches to create a workbook; first of all you can create an empty workbook that has no data or formatting information. The resultant file will be created on Aspose Cloud Storage.

Create an empty workbook

Secondly, you can create a workbook from a custom template file in xls or xlsx format. The template file should be placed on Aspose Cloud Storage to create the workbook.

Create workbook from a template file

The third approach to create a workbook is by using smart marker template. The smart marker file and the data file should be placed at Aspose Cloud storage for creating the new workbook.

Create workbook using smart marker template

Our REST examples provide you the flexibility to call any operation the way you like in your applications. You can also utilize our SDKs to quickly consume the API in your applications to create workbooks using different approaches. You can download the SDKs for your platform from Github. You can choose from any of the methods discussed above to create a workbook and enjoy a variety of features supported by Aspose.Cells for Cloud REST API.

For more details, please refer to Saapose.Cells documentation. To get started with Aspose.Cells for Cloud API, you need to sign up at Aspose Cloud and get application information. You can opt for free development account that enables you to evaluate all of our APIs. You can also write to us in case of any queries or confusions.