Aspose.Words Cloud provides a powerful set of API for manipulating, converting and saving Microsoft Word documents stored in the Cloud platform of your choice. Whether you are creating a new Word Document from scratch, converting an existing document to a PDF or modifying a Word document Aspose.Words Cloud has your document needs covered

Harnessing the power of modern REST architecture, Aspose.Words Cloud allows you to work with MS Word Documents using the language and platform of your choice and is suitable for both small business and enterprise needs. It comes with SDKs written in 9 different languages complete with running examples to get you started in no time.

We are pleased to announce the release of Aspose.Words Cloud 17.4. This release contains 1 new feature and 4 bug fixes. Aspose.Words core library has also been updated to version 17.4. You can find the list of features and bug fixes in the following link

Aspose.Words Cloud 17.4 Release notes

New Features and Enhancements

Using Aspose.Words Cloud 17.4 you can now set the Horizontal and Verticle Resolution while converting a word document to an Image format. Please visit Specify Horizontal, Vertical Resolutions during Saving Word Document to Image Formats for more information. Other Bug fixes in this release include

WORDSCLOUD-167 Words SaveAs method concurrency issue under heavy load. This fixes issues with Words Cloud under a high concurrency environment.

WORDSCLOUD-168 Automatic tracking changes does not work when replacing text. Now when you replace text in a word document, the author’s name will be tracked.

WORDSCLOUD-169 Links returned from executeTemplate API call are malformed.

WORDSCLOUD-170 Method “get run by index” returns incorrect run

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