[![][1] and [Aspose.Tasks for Java][2]. Both these APIs have been in the field for quite a long time now and have proved their worth in processing Project files without requiring Microsoft Project being installed. Our continuous efforts to enrich the functionality of these APIs have enabled us to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. But we didn’t stop there; we are adding Project documents manipulation functionality to the Cloud.

Aspose.Tasks Cloud

We are pleased to announce the launch of [Aspose.Tasks Cloud][3], a REST API for creating project manipulation applications that work with common Project formats. Application developers can use the API to perform a number of Project manipulation operations such as reading project properties, converting Project data to other formats, and managing task and resource data. The first version of Aspose.Tasks Cloud provides a subset of the features provided by the .NET and Java libraries. However, we are working on new features that will soon be available. The API allows developers to work in a number of languages such as .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, Rails, Python, jQuery and many more. It can be used with any language or platform that supports REST.


  • [Read document properties][4] – Aspose.Tasks Cloud lets developers read a hosted Project’s properties on the fly. Information such as document tile, currency symbol, default start and finish time, minutes per day, and other document properties can be retrieved using the APIs [documentproperties][5] resource.
  • [Convert Project files to other formats][6] – This feature allows you to convert hosted Project documents to a number of different formats. These include conversion to PDF, XML, XLS, XLSX, PNG, BMP, JPG, CSV and TXT formats using the [document][7] resource.
  • [Retrieve project task information][8] – The API provides the capability to access and retrieve a project’s task information. Tasks can be added to the Project, deleted, and task information can be retrieved using the API’s [tasks][9] resources.
  • [Manage project resource information][10] - The API makes it possible to manage a Project’s resources using the [resources][11] resource. Retrieve resource information, add a new resource to a Project or delete a resource.
  • [Work with project calendars][12] – Aspose.Tasks Cloud allows developers to work with a project’s calendars using the API’s [Calendars][13] resource. Developers can retrieve existing calendar information, add a new calendar and delete a calendar.
  • [Manage Project’s outline codes and extended attributes][14] – The API provides the facility to manipulate outline codes and extended attributes within a Project. The API’s [outlineCodes][15] and [extendedAttributes][16] resources allow retrieving information about these project data properties. You can also delete outline codes and extended attributes from a project using these resources.
  • [Manipulate assignments][17] – Aspoose.Tasks for Cloud provides the capability to manipulate assignments within a Project using the [Assignments][18] resource. User can add a new assignment by specifying the task and resource, retrieve existing assignment information and delete an assignment from the Project.
  • [Work with task links][19] – Task links in a project can be managed using the API’s [tasklinks][20] resource. The API allows adding a task link to project, deleting an existing task link and retrieving information about existing task links.

Live Examples

You can visit the Aspose.Tasks Cloud documentation’s [Live Examples][21] page and try the click-to-go examples for a quick demonstration of various API features.

Getting Started With Aspose.Tasks Cloud

Want to get started with Aspose.Tasks Cloud? Just create an account at Aspose Cloud and get application information (App key and SID) and you can use the Aspose.Tasks Cloud REST API with any language and platform. In addition, our [online documentation][22] provides a rich set of working code samples that can be used to understand the API.

Write to Us

Have got any queries or suggestions? Feel free to write to us on [Aspose.Tasks forum][23] and our technical representative will soon get in touch with you.

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