[![Aspose Cloud APIs][1] as per Aspose Cloud With this new release, the create, read, manipulate and export features are greatly improved. You can add or delete Microsoft Excel charts and read, show, hide or update chart legends. Some bugs have also been fixed. Below are lists of enhancements by API.

New Aspose.Cells Methods

As per the latest version of Aspose Cloud, we’ve implemented the following functions to the Aspose Cloud PHP SDK:

  • [Show Chart Legend][2] – This feature allows you to show a chart legend on a chart in a worksheet. The [legend][3] resource can be used and a PUT request can be sent to show chart legend.
  • [Hide Chart Legend][4] – This feature allows you to hide a chart legend in a worksheet. The [legend][5] resource can be used and a DELETE request can be sent to hide chart legend.
  • [Update Chart Legend][6] – This feature allows you to update a chart legend on a chart in a worksheet. The [legend][7] resource can be used and a POST request can be sent (specifying updated values in the request body) to update chart legend.
  • [Read Chart Legend][8] – This feature allows you to read information of a chart legend from a worksheet. The [legend][9] resource can be used and a GET request can be sent for this purpose.

Sample Code Aspose.Cells - Read Chart Legends

use AsposeCloudCommonAsposeApp;
use AsposeCloudCommonProduct;
use AsposeCloudCellsChartEditor;

AsposeApp::$appSID = '3395ba5c-***';
AsposeApp::$appKey = 'e8dd1b0cd***';

/* * Creating the object of Chart Editor Class with a parameter $fileName and $sheet */
$Obj = new ChartEditor('path/to/ChartLegend.xlsx','Sheet1');;

// Call readChartLegend method with parameter $chartIndex.

[1]: https://blog.aspose.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2013/12/asposeCloudAPIs.png “Aspose Cloud APIs”)](https://blog.aspose.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2013/12/asposeCloudAPIs.png)We are pleased to announce the release of [Aspose Cloud PHP SDK](https://github.com/asposeforcloud/Aspose_Cloud_SDK_For_Php “Aspose Cloud PHP SDK” [2]: http://www.aspose.com/docs/display/cellscloud/Show+Chart+Legend+in+a+Worksheet [3]: http://www.aspose.com/docs/display/cellscloud/legend “Aspose.Cells Cloud” [4]: http://www.aspose.com/docs/display/cellscloud/Hide+Chart+Legend+in+a+Worksheet [5]: http://www.aspose.com/docs/display/cellscloud/legend “Aspose.Cells Cloud” [6]: http://www.aspose.com/docs/display/cellscloud/Update+Chart+Legend+in+a+Worksheet [7]: http://www.aspose.com/docs/display/cellscloud/legend “Aspose.Cells Cloud” [8]: http://www.aspose.com/docs/display/cellscloud/Get+Chart+Legend+from+a+Worksheet [9]: http://www.aspose.com/docs/display/cellscloud/legend “Aspose.Cells Cloud”