As we mentioned in the newsletter at the beginning of April and on our website we have completed the re-branding of Saaspose as “Aspose Cloud” and moved the content to the domain alongside our other file format products.

Bringing the brand under the Aspose parent brand will let us continue to support even more file formats, improve the fidelity of conversions, and speed up improvements to our SDKs and Documentation. Many of the most requested improvements to SDKs and Documentation will happen more quickly now we’ve completed this move.

The main changes are to our website, forums and documentation many of which you will already have noticed as we have made the changes in past weeks. More details are below.

What changes will I notice in my code or affect development?

The good news is this name change will not affect your existing code! While we will have a new API endpoint at it will work side-by-side with the existing endpoint. Below is a list of points that you should take account of:

  • The end-point will be ‘frozen’ at version 1.0 and new features and bug-fixes may eventually not be deployed to this end-point. This of course doesn’t affect your existing code, but you may find when you come to take advantage of a new feature or fix you will need to update the end-points at that point.
  • The new end-point has a version number of 1.1 to take account of the domain change within the JSON/XML responses.
  • All of our SDKs (for PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, .NET) have been updated to take account of the new REST end-point as well as big improvements in meeting the coding conventions of each native language (we’ll continue to make improvements here!).
  • Our GitHub account is changing to, the revised SDKs for the new end-points will start off life here.
  • The Aspose Cloud API web interface can be accessed at the following URL:

What other changes do I need to know about?

The other changes are mainly about how you get in touch with us:

  • We have switched our support system to the Aspose Forums ( - you can post both technical and sales queries here and get the benefit of our larger support team who will answer your query ASAP and also a large community of Aspose users who may already have asked your question and had it answered. You have the option of making your posts private if you need to for any reason.
  • It is best to post queries in our Forums for the quickest response times. However if you do need to email us for any reason you should use or

If you have any questions about these changes please post your question in the Aspose.Purchase Forum.