Aspose.Words Cloud logo The Aspose AutoMerge is an open source add-on to be used with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This add-on is capable of merging documents into one and attaching them to Letter and sending emails. Easily configure a workflow and generate documents from templates. Aspose Cloud AutoMerge can be used with CRM on-premises and CRM Online.

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Features in this Release

This release supports the following features.

  • Create Templates in Microsoft Word and Upload them in CRM.
  • Create a Document in CRM using the templates.
  • Allow users to Add Optionset fields in the templates.
  • Allow users to Add Lookup fields in the templates.
  • Provide functionality to attach the generated document with letter
  • Provide functionality to attach the generated document with email
  • Provide functionality to send the email.

This add on will work with all versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, CRM 2015 and CRM Online.

Downloading Aspose Cloud AutoMerge

The addon is provided in the form of a solution. You can download the latest solution from:

  • Download from [CodePlex][3].
  • Download from [GitHub][4].
  • Download from [BitBucket][5].
  • Download from [SourceForge][6].

Installing Aspose Cloud AutoMerge

  • Download the solution file.
  • Open CRM and go to Import solution.
  • Click Browse and select the downloaded solution file and click next.
  • Click Next and wait for the solution to import.
  • Click close when the solution is imported successfully.

Using Aspose Cloud AutoMerge

This section shows how Aspose Cloud AutoMerge can be used with a workflow.

  • Open Settings - > Processes within CRM and hit “New”.
  • Enter Name and Entity and select category as Workflow. (Make sure your template is designed for the same entity you have selected.)
  • Use the window to create your own workflow.
  • If you want to use “Aspose Cloud AutoMerge” functionality Go to Add Step - > Aspose Cloud AutoMerge

Here you will see all available options to use with Aspose AutoMerge:

  • Create Document
  • Attach To Email
  • Attach To Letter
  • Delete Temp Document
  • Send Email

Please find full User guide [here][7].

Start a Free Trial Today

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Customer Feedback

Your feedback is very important to us. Please feel free to provide feedback and raise feature requirements. We are keen to implement customer driven features since we are a 100% customer driven company.

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