Since Dropbox has deprecated their API v1, we have upgraded Aspose Storage integration with Dropbox to API v2. Aspose Storage for Cloud allows you to easily use your Droxbox storage to store your files and use them in various API Operations with Aspose.Words Cloud and Aspose.Cells Cloud etc.

Configure Dropbox Storage

  • Go to
  • Select the My Storage tab
  • Click on Create New Storage dropdown menu and select Dropbox Storage
  • Enter Storage Name and click on Generate Access Token button
  • Log into Dropbox and authorizes our app
  • Dropbox will generate your Access Token and you will be redirected to our Dashboard
  • Press Save button to create storage

Using Dropbox Storage with Aspose Cloud APIs

Once set up you can easily use your Dropbox storage in your API calls by appending the storage param to your API calls