Hello! Guys, we are back with a revamped version of Aspose.Tasks Cloud. In order to provide you the best solution, we follow a continuous improvement process based on your valued feedback and our internal product reviews. Aspose.Tasks Cloud 19.4 is already live, it is an all-new V3 API version with improved architecture, implemented as a microservice. Also, we have introduced storage API methods in the new release along with many other fixes and improvement, that takes the API to the next level of reliability and stability. So for the complete details of new features and enhancement, please check the release notes of this version.

What’s New

API Version – Introduced API version V3, V1.1 will remain available with previous API versions

Authentication – JWT(JSON Web Token) authentication, OAuth2, and URL signing authentication methods are not supported anymore by V3 API Version

  • File API – Introduced methods for upload, download, copy, move, delete files: input documents and rendering results, in the cloud storage
  • Folder API – Introduced methods for create, copy, move, delete folders in the cloud storage
  • Storage API – Introduced methods for getting storage information and file information

How it Works

If you are working with a project management application and want to manipulate Microsoft Project Documents in your application along with other industry-standard project formats, Aspose.Tasks Cloud REST API is a perfect match for your need. It is a true Cloud API that can be used on any platform. It also supports the feature to read, convert and manipulate Microsoft Project, Oracle Primavera, and XML Project file formats.

Aspose.Tasks Cloud is a complete solution that allows you to work with all aspects of a Project document, including conversion and manipulation of a project’s tasks, task links, resources, resource assignments, and extended attribute data. Learn More.

Let’s show you how easily you can convert Microsoft Project documents to PDF documents. But first of all, we will get a JWT authentication token for the V3 API version and upload the project file to storage using the newly introduced method. We are using cURL- the most popular command-line tool for REST API testing, for this demonstration. However, you can check a complete list of available SDKs to use Aspose.Tasks Cloud SDK of your choice in your favorite platform without worrying about underlying API calls.

Get Authentication Token

Upload Source Document to Storage

Convert Project document to PDF

Have any Questions?

Please feel free to drop us a comment below sharing your thoughts about the new version of Aspose.Tasks Cloud REST API. Please do let us know if you have any suggestions or if you need any particular features which you expect our REST API to have.

Try It Out

If you’ve not already had a chance to try our REST API, simply start a free trial today. So all you need is to sign up with the aspose.cloud. Once you’ve signed up, you’re ready to try the powerful file processing features offered by aspose.cloud.

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