Aspose Cloud December Pricing Update

Simplifying Pricing for New Customers We have updated the Aspose Cloud pricing structure to simplify it for new customers. Previously some API calls were “chargeable” while other API calls were not. If an API call created a document or meaningful result, then it was chargeable. If an API call did not create a document or result, then it was not chargeable. However, there were some ‘grey areas’ with certain Aspose Cloud products where customers were confused about whether they should be charged for some calls.
· Billy Lundie · 2 min

Aspose Cloud Pricing Plans and Limitations on Trial Plan from July 01, 2012

Aspose Cloud is a cloud based service which provides REST APIs to process different file formats including documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDF files, barcodes, images etc. You can create, edit, convert, and render these formats to different other file formats and images. Aspose Cloud REST APIs provide you simple interface to process your files in the cloud. You can use these APIs with any language on any platform. We have seen a lot of interest, in Aspose Cloud file format APIs, from the developers around the world.
· Shahzad Latif · 4 min