Split PowerPoint using .NET Cloud SDK - Split PPT

Learn how to split a PowerPoint presentation into multiple files using .NET Cloud SDK. We will explore different methods for splitting PPT and PPTX files. Whether you need to split a complete PowerPoint into individual slides or extract certain slides, we will cover all the necessary steps to help you achieve your goal.
May 10, 2023 · 4 min · Nayyer Shahbaz

Split PowerPoint Presentation in C# .NET

Split PowerPoint Presentations online | Learn how to Split PPT. This article explains the steps to split PowerPoint Presentations in the C# application. We are well aware that a PPT file contains several different types of information such as text, bulleted points, images, multimedia, and other embedded OLE objects. So instead of sharing the complete file, you may have a requirement to split Powerpoint Slides into separate files and share them accordingly.
June 3, 2020 · 4 min · Nayyer Shahbaz