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Execute mail merge in your documents using Aspose.Words Cloud API examples in PHP

Aspose.Words Cloud is a REST base API that helps to create, manipulate and convert documents to other file formats in the cloud. Being platform independent, it supports a number of programming languages such as .NET, Java, Ruby and PHP to …

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Manipulate presentations using Aspose.Slides Cloud REST Examples in PHP

Aspose.Slides for Cloud is a REST API that allows to create, modify and convert the presentation to other file formats. You can process the presentations in the cloud using this platform independent API across any platform. Aspose.

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Manipulate your documents by using Aspose.Words Cloud REST API with PHP

MS Word documents are one of the most popular file formats used among a number of people. The variety of features and tools offered by this file format makes it the best choice for creating documents quickly and easy. Aspose.Words

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