Using cURL commands to Process Header and Footer of MS Word document on macOS

cURL commands are an excellent way of transferring data with URLs. cURL commands are recommended to use APIs from command line terminals. It not just only allows us to make regular requests, but we can also post forms data, authenticate users, save responses to files and other related file manipulation operations. In simple words, curl is a command-line utility for transferring data from or to a server designed to work without user interaction.
March 26, 2020 · 6 min · Nayyer Shahbaz

Add or Update Header Footer in Word Document using REST API

A quick view of MS Word document transformation. A header is the top margin of each page, and a footer is the bottom margin of each page. Headers and footers are useful for including information that you want to display on every page of a document such as your name, dates, the title of the document, page numbers, or disclaimers to documents. When using MS Word, it provides the capabilities to add Header and Footers based on predefined layouts or enable you to add custom headers and footers.
March 18, 2020 · 6 min · Nayyer Shahbaz