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Aspose Cloud is a cloud-based document generation, conversion and automation platform for developers. Aspose Cloud lets developers create a wide range of applications, each leveraging the combined power of Aspose APIs. Aspose Cloud enables you to perform a wide range of document processing tasks without being platform dependent, either it is Amazon, Salesforce or Node.js etc, Aspose.Cloud allows developers to work with it. This makes it a perfect choice for developers with expertise in any programming language. Aspose.Cloud is easy to use, compact, and provides all common functionalities so the developers have to write less code for common operations. Each API has been developed to offer you a wide range of features for file processing in the cloud. We provide SDKs for various programming languages such as Python, Objective C, .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, ZF 2.0, Symfony2 and Laravel.

What’s new in the latest release

In this release, following features are now available to work with Aspose.Slide for Cloud component:

Shape is one of the most important elements present on a slide and this release comes with the ability to add shapes on a slide. One can work with FillFormat and LineFormat of the shapes as well. Rendering of slides is most frequent operation performed by the users that is why problems with basic rendering of shapes have also been rectified in this release. Now, an individual slide from a presentation deck could be exported to formats like PDF, Xps, Pptx, Odp, Ppt, Pps, Ppsx, Pptm, Ppsm, Potx and Potm.


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