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We are pleased to share the release announcement of Aspose.Slides Cloud 1.6.0. This release comes with new features that enable to work with images and tables. It also supports various programming languages including Python, Objective C, .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, ZF 2.0, Symfony2 and Laravel.

What’s new in the latest release

In this release, following features have been made available in order to work with Aspose.Slide for Cloud component:

Now, individual images can be exported to specified formats. Moreover, now one can also set fill of a shape, picture frame or slide background, as explained in this documentation article. Much awaited support for inserting picture on a slide is now available in this release as well.

The new enhancement in Shapes resource now allow you to add new table to a slide. Table class has also been updated to hold information of rows and columns so now, with this release, tables can be updated like any other shape.


You can downloaded latest version from

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