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Aspose.Imaging Cloud’s platform independent image manipulation API is a true REST API that can be used with any language .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, JQuery and many more. You can use it with any platform – web, desktop, mobile, and cloud. In this article, we are going to discuss the features to Merge TIFF images in Python as well as how to crop TIFF images using Python SDK.

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New Imaging features in the Aspose Cloud Python SDK

We have implemented the following features in latest release:


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In this article, we have discussed the capabilities of Aspose.Imaging Cloud to Merge TIFF Images in Python as well as Crop TIFF Images using Python. We have also seen another exciting feature of the API to get access to specific TIFF frames. Other than accessing API through either of the approaches mentioned above, it can also be accessed via the Swagger interface where you can test the API within the web browser. Also please note that the Cloud SDKs are developed under MIT license, so a complete source code can be downloaded from GitHub.

In case you encounter any issues while using the API or you have any related queries, please feel free to contact us via the free product support forum.

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