Data Validation

We’re pleased to announce monthly release Aspose.Cells Cloud 19.10. It is already published and available for usage on the production server. It includes new exciting features including delete data validation from Excel worksheets and support to add HTML string in a cell along with the issue fixes reported in the previous versions of Aspose.Cells Cloud. We’ve also updated the SDKs of all the supporting platforms for new release. You can download the latest SDKs of Aspose.Cells Cloud from the download section now, and start exploring the new features your favorite language instantly. Please spare some time and check the release notes of this version for a complete list of enhancements and improvements.

In the following sections, I’ll give you a quick walk through of the data validation feature in Microsoft Excel using Aspose.Cells Cloud API.

Data Validation in Microsoft Excel

Aspose.Cells Cloud is an easy to use REST API for spreadsheet creation, manipulation and conversion that provides all the features that Microsoft Excel provides without depending on Microsoft Excel. When setting up a workbook for your users, cell validation is one of the features that you can use data validation to restrict the type of data or the values that users enter into a cell, to make sure all data entries are accurate and consistent.

Here, I will explain how to do Data Validations in Excel using Aspose.Cells Cloud: add data validation, update data validation rule and remove all data validations from a worksheet. I am using cURL in the sample code, but you can use the SDK of your favorite programming language in your specific project. Currently, it supports SDKs for .NET, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.js, Android, Swift and Perl.

Add a data validation to a cell

Add a validation at index(A1) in a worksheet Sheet1.

Add/Update data validation rule

Add a custom data validation rule, YES or NO. Aspose.Cells Cloud API supports all types of data validations rule.

Data validation rule settings

Data validation rule test

Delete all data validations

Delete all data validations from the worksheet.

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