3D file formats are quite common these days. From concept inception to planning and implementation, 3D modeling is used in all phases. Aspose.3D Cloud API is a feature-rich API that lets you create, edit or convert several supported file formats. You can translate, rotate or convert the files as per your requirements. Aspose.3D Cloud API helps you to manage file formats used in 3D modeling, gaming, computer-aided design and much more, on any platform without any dependency on 3D modeling and rendering software.

Aspose.3D Cloud is a REST API solution that helps you to add features to create, modify and convert 3D objects, models and entities in your applications. We also offer SDKs which are wrappers to interact with Cloud APIs. They take care of low-level details and manage the requests and responses so that you can dedicate your efforts to the main objectives. For now, you can integrate .NET or Java SDK in your applications, whereas we will be supporting more SDKs soon.

You can save a 3D file to any supported file format such as 3DS, AMF, RVM, DAE, DRC, FBX, gLTF, OBJ, PDF, PLY, STL, U3D, DXF, JT, X, and 3MF. You can convert a 3D file to another format with default settings or can pass a detailed setting parameter for the conversion. Most popular 3D format conversions include FBX to PDF and GLB to PDF conversions. You may need to convert a 3D file to PDF for printing, archival, approval or any other purpose.

FBX to PDF Conversion

Let us convert a sample FBX to PDF format file here as a demonstration. We will follow the below steps for the conversion:

  1. Upload the source FBX file to Cloud Storage
  2. Call the API to convert the FBX file to PDF
  3. Download converted PDF file from Cloud Storage

Following is the cURL code for FBX to PDF conversion:

Input FBX file

Output PDF file

You can notice how efficiently the PDF file has been rendered by Aspose.3D Cloud API. Let us take a look at GLB to PDF conversion feature as well.

GLB to PDF Conversion

Aspose.3D Cloud API is pretty simple and easy to work with. GLB to PDF conversion also includes a simple API call that converts input GLB file and returns output PDF document as API response. Below cURL example demonstrates GLB to PDF rendering:

Likewise, you can further explore these high fidelity renderings and other features with Free Trial while consulting API references. Do share your experience, feedback or suggestions with us via Free Support Forum.

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