Control Chart Plot Area Layout and Set Slide Size with Aspose.Slides Cloud 19.9

Chart Plot Area

Aspose.Slides Cloud 19.9 has been just released and it is also updated on production server. The latest release introduces some new features along with fixes of the issues reported in previous versions of Aspose.Slides Cloud. In this release, we have introduced LayoutTargetType property to control the layout mode of the chart plot area and support of Widescreen slide size along with many other important improvements. Please spare some time and check release notes of this version for a complete list of enhancements and improvements.

Let me give you a quick walk through some of these improvements, carried in this new release.

Setting Slide Size

The is a possibility that you have a mismatch between the size of your slides and the size of the medium you are projecting to because of your Microsoft PowerPoint version you have used to create your presentation and the device you are using to deliver the presentation. How you will fix it? Simply you should know the target device size before delivering your presentation to cope with the issue and update the presentation slide size.

Aspose.Slides Cloud has already provided an API PutSlidesSlideSize to update the size of presentations to industry standard presentation sizes. In this release, we have extended the list and added a new size; Widescreen. Following is the complete list of available sizes.

Available values for sizeType parameter:

 Parameter Value   Preset Size Type 
 OnScreen   On screen 4×3 
 LetterPaper   Letter 
 A4Paper   A4 
 Slide35mm   Slide 35mm 
 Overhead   Overhead 
 Banner   Banner 
 Custom   Custom Size 
 Ledger   Ledger 
 A3Paper   A3 
 B4IsoPaper   B4 ISO 
 B5IsoPaper   B5 ISO 
 B4JisPaper   B4 JIS 
 B5JisPaper   B5 JIS 
 HagakiCard   Hagaki Card 
 OnScreen16x9   On screen 16×9 
 OnScreen16x10   On screen 16×10 
 Widescreen   Widescreen 

A cURL example to update the presentation slide size:

Layout Mode of Chart Plot Area

While adding charts in the presentations, setting layout mode for chart plot area is one of the frequently used features. In this release, we have introduced a new property LayoutTargetType to control the layout of the chart plot area. Now you can define the layout of the plot area manually by setting the new property, with two possible values Inner or Outer, This property specifies whether to layout the plot area by its inside (not including axis and axis labels) or outside (including axis and axis labels).

The following cURL example demonstrates how to Set Layout Mode of chart:


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