End-point to be Discontinued

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Saaspose was re-branded Aspose Cloud in June, 2013. All of our customers know about this re-branding by now. Although we were deploying new features, improvements and bug fixes to the end-point, we maintained the end-point to keep backward compatibility intact.

All of our customers and everyone using the end-point have been advised to start using the end-point at their convenience and before the final cut-off date. Aspose Cloud SDKs and documentation were also updated to use the end-point.

Final Date

December 31, 2014, has been set as the final cut-off date and the end-point will be discontinued on that date.

Anyone still using the old end-point is advised to change it to before December 31, 2014 to avoid any inconvenience. No end-point other than will work after this date.

Check the details below to migrate to the new end-point.

What changes will I notice in my code or development?

The only supported end-point after December 31, 2014, will be so your code will stop working if it does not use this end-point. Below is a list of points that you should consider:

  • You need to replace or with in request URIs.
  • The new end-point has the version number 1.1 to take account of the domain change within the JSON/XML responses.
  • All of our SDKs (for PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, .NET and Android etc.) have been updated to take account of the new REST end-point.
  • Live examples are available at
  • You can visit to test any API.

If you still find any issue in migration, post your queries in the Aspose Forums.

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