Aspose.Words Cloud, a cloud-based document creation, manipulation and conversion API, helps you process documents with its many flexible features. You can perform a wide variety of document operations with Aspose.Words Cloud’s REST API. Create a new document from scratch, modify an existing document, convert documents to different formats, and render the document to images.

Aspose.Words Cloud’s platform independent document manipulation API is a true REST API that can be used with any language: .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, Rails, Python, jQuery and many more. You can use it with any platform — web, desktop, mobile, and cloud. The API integrates with other cloud services to give you the flexibility you need when processing documents. It is suitable for any type of business, document, or content. Learn more about Aspose.Words Cloud

We are pleased to announce the release of Aspose.Words Cloud 17.3.0. This release contains a couple of new features and three enhancements to Aspose.Words Cloud. Aspose.Words core library has also been updated to version 17.3.0. You can find the list of features and bug fixes in the following link:

Aspose.Words Cloud 17.3.0

New Features and Enhancements

  • WORDSCLOUD-161: We have provided functionality similar to Document.StartTrackRevisions and Document.StopTrackRevisions Methods in Aspose.Words for .NET. The Document.StartTrackRevisions method starts automatically marking all further changes you make to the document programmatically as revision changes. And the Document.StopTrackRevisions method Stops automatic marking of document changes as revisions.

    We have added following two new “common request parameters” in Aspose.Words Cloud API.

    revisionAuthor: Initials of the author to use for revisions. If you set this parameter and then make some changes to the document programmatically, save the document and later open the document in MS Word you will see these changes as revisions.

    revisionDateTime: The date and time to use for revisions.[


  • WORDSCLOUD-162: A “render page” resource has been added.[


  • WORDSCLOUD-160: We have added “ExportFontsAsBase64, ResourceFolder and ResourceFolderAlias” to the HTMLSaveOptions class.

    ExportFontsAsBase64: It is used to specify whether fonts resources should be embedded to HTML in Base64 encoding.

    ResourceFolder: It is used to specify a physical folder where all resources like images, fonts, and external CSS are saved when a document is exported to HTML.

    ResourceFolderAlias: It can be used to specify the name of the folder used to construct URIs of all resources written into an HTML document. Default is an empty string

  • WORDSCLOUD-165: We have added a property that allows to get/set field’s locale. You can use it to get or set the LCID of the field.

  • WORDSCLOUD-166: We have added new properties “OfficeMathDisplayType”, “OfficeMathJustification” and “MathObjectType” to the OfficeMath object.

    OfficeMathDisplayType: It can be used to gets/set Office Math display format type which represents whether an equation is displayed inline with the text or displayed on its own line.

    OfficeMathJustification: Used to get/set Office Math justification.

    MathObjectType: Used to get type MathObjectType of this Office Math object. The returned values can be OMath, OMathPara, Accent, Bar, BorderBox, Box, Delimiter, Degree, Argument, Array, Fraction, Denominator, Numerator, Function, FunctionName, GroupCharacter, Limit, LowerLimit, UpperLimit, Matrix, MatrixRow, NAry, Phantom, Radical, SubscriptPart, SuperscriptPart, PreSubSuperscript, Subscript, SubSuperscript, Supercript.

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