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PowerPoint Slides Manipulation using Cloud APIs

Why PowerPoint Presentations?

PowerPoint templates preview

PowerPoint presentations are one of the popular and most widely used formats of data and information presentations during board and general meetings. Also, in the eLearning world, PowerPoint is among the popular knowledge-sharing formats. The presentation format …

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Convert Presentation to PDF with Aspose.Slides Cloud API

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Presentations are helpful to reflect information in an organized manner. You can fill slides with a lot of content including text, shapes, charts, images and much more. Aspose.Slides Cloud API can be used to create, edit or manipulate presentation files. …

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Convert Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation to image with Aspose.Slides Cloud API

presentation to image

Images are supported at almost all devices without requiring any complicated configurations. Converting Slides of PowerPoint presentation is a popular use case of Aspose APIs. Image conversion feature has been further enhanced in Aspose.Slides Cloud API. You can convert PPT, …

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Show Data Labels Over the Maximum of the Chart with Aspose.Slides Cloud 19.10

Chart Manipulation

Our Aspose.Slide Cloud monthly releases continue, and we’re happy to announce the latest version, 19.10. It’s available on production server. It improves the Chart manipulation feature of the API .It includes a new chart property ShowDataLabelsOverMaximum to show data labels …

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Control Chart Plot Area Layout and Set Slide Size with Aspose.Slides Cloud 19.9

Chart Plot Area

Aspose.Slides Cloud 19.9 has been just released and it is also updated on production server. The latest release introduces some new features along with fixes of the issues reported in previous versions of Aspose.Slides Cloud. In this release, we …

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Convert PowerPoint to PDF Document with Aspose.Slides Cloud SDK for .NET

Convert PowerPoint to PDF

Over the years, Microsoft PowerPoint is still the first choice of users for presentations, since its launch. There are a number of use cases when you want to share or distribute your presentation as a PDF. Aspose.Slides Cloud is Microsoft …

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Check Out the Enhancements in Aspose.Slides Cloud 19.7

Hi Guys! Aspose.Slides Cloud 19.7 is here. It is your feedback and trust in our API that keeps us moving forward, to provide new features and enhancements in it. Check out the latest release for Aspose.Slides Cloud that includes the …

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Want to Set Timeout for Aspose.Slides Cloud Requests

If we use third party services in our application, we have make to from a few to a lot of HTTP requests. And in consuming them, while making those HTTP requests, we should carefully set a timeout. Because if the …

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Update Slide Animation with Aspose.Slides Cloud 19.5

Guys! We have a great news for you. Aspose.Slides Cloud 19.5 is released. It is not a routine monthly release, but with some major changes in the RESTful API that takes it to the next level of reliability and availability. …

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Reorder Multiple Slides in one API call using Aspose.Slides Cloud 18.12

Aspose.Slides CloudWe are pleased to announce a new release of Aspose.Slides Cloud 18.12. We have introduced an API that let you reorder multiple slides in one API call. Moreover, we have added separate APIs for adding, cloning and reordering presentations. For …

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