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C++ Cloud SDK for PowerPoint processing

Aspose.Slides Cloud SDK for C++ logo

Aspose.Slides Cloud is one of our popular Cloud API offering the features to perform MS PowerPoint & OpenOffice presentation slides creation, processing, merging & conversion by simple cURL commands via REST API. Also, in order to facilitate our customers using …

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Set DefaultRegularFont during PPTX export to other formats

DefaultRegularFont image

Fonts are an essential element in making documents more presentable. With the help of fonts, the information is presented in a more readable and manageable format. The Aspose.Slides Cloud API supports the feature to specify custom fonts while creating or …

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Chart Data and Categories Manipulation within PowerPoint presentation

Charts in PowerPoint presentation

The charts provide us a quick and concise mechanism to present the statistical data. It enables the relevant stakeholders to make key decisions quickly. The charts are comprised of data and their respective categories. So the operations like add, update, …

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Create and modify charts in PowerPoint presentation using Cloud API

Charts are one of the important components for presenting information during presentations. When facts and figures are backed up with appropriate and corresponding graphs, charts, or tables in a PPT, the information presented becomes stronger and impactful. Apart from …

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Export PowerPoint Subshapes as PNG. Export PPT to PDF/A

With every new release, we are striving to bring the best of PowerPoint manipulation and processing features. We are continuously working hard to make Aspose.Slides Cloud capable enough to cater to all PowerPoint manipulation capabilities. So, in this article, we …

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How to Programmatically Manipulating Notes in PowerPoint Slides

Preview of Notes in Slides

Notes are one of the integral components while you are creating a presentation. You add the speaker notes to refer to later while delivering the slide show in front of an audience. During the presentation, the speaker notes are visible …

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Split PowerPoint Presentation in C# | PPT Splitter Online

Split Presentation slides icon

This article explains the steps to split PowerPoint Presentation in C# application. We know that a PPT file contains several different types of information such as text, bulleted points, images, multimedia, and other embedded OLE objects. From the year 2007 …

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PowerPoint Slides Manipulation using Cloud APIs

Why PowerPoint Presentations?

PowerPoint templates preview

PowerPoint presentations are one of the popular and most widely used formats of data and information presentations during board and general meetings. Also, in the eLearning world, PowerPoint is among the popular knowledge-sharing formats. The presentation format …

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Convert Presentation to PDF with Aspose.Slides Cloud API

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Presentations are helpful to reflect information in an organized manner. You can fill slides with a lot of content including text, shapes, charts, images and much more. Aspose.Slides Cloud API can be used to create, edit or manipulate presentation files. …

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Convert Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation to image with Aspose.Slides Cloud API

presentation to image

Images are supported at almost all devices without requiring any complicated configurations. Converting Slides of PowerPoint presentation is a popular use case of Aspose APIs. Image conversion feature has been further enhanced in Aspose.Slides Cloud API. You can convert PPT, …

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