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Parse PDF TextBox, CheckBox, RadioButton form fields with REST API

pdf form preview

Form fields are one of the integral components when dealing with customer data and it becomes easy to distribute the PDF Acro forms with users so that they can fill the forms with data of their choice and send it …

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PDF Form Parser, Form Recogniser, PDF Filling with REST API

Fillable PDF form icon

One of the major advantages of the PDF format is the “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) approach. Therefore, PDF format has high standards of rendering and viewing. Whatever appears on your screen, will appear in the same …

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HTML to DOCX conversion using REST API in C#

html to docx conversion logo

HTML is the older and one of the reliable formats for sharing information over the internet as most browsers support it as the default rendering format. Owing to its high adaptability, many browsers started supporting it as a standard format. …

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Custom fonts for Text, Tables, Stamps, Header/Footer in PDF using Cloud API

The PDF file usually is comprised of 14 standard fonts but sometimes we stumble upon a requirement to use custom fonts for a better presentation of text. The custom fonts can be used with regular text, Watermark stamp, Header/Footer, or …

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Export WordPress posts to PDF using exporter Plugin

Aspose.PDF Exporter plugin banner

Portable Document Format (PDF) file is a format which is independent of application software, hardware as well as Operating System. PDF files can be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader/Writer as well in most modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, …

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Import PDF as a WordPress post using Free plugin

Aspose.PDF Importer plugin

WordPress started as a blogging tool and has evolved throughout the years into a powerful website builder and a robust content management system (CMS). Being a content management system (CMS) enables you to organize and display the content on your site. Since its …

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Merge PDF files using PHP Cloud SDK

Concatenate PDF files

The concatenation or merging of PDF files is among the widely used operations where multiple PDF files are combined together to create one single document. There can be several business use cases where PDF concatenation operations can be useful. Given …

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Add, Delete, or Update Bookmarks in PDF Documents

Bookmarks make navigation easier in large documents. Readers can easily jump between different pages and sections, instead of scrolling through the whole document. Aspose.PDF Cloud API offers many PDF manipulation features. Working with Bookmarks is one of the commonly used …

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Split PDF File into Multiple Files using C# .NET

Split PDF C# csharp

Splitting a PDF document is a quite famous use case in file format manipulation. For instance, the finance management system of some organization creates a report containing many salary slips of their employees, then they need to split the PDF …

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