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Conditional Formatting in Excel Spreadsheet using C#

Conditional formatting in Excel

While learning about visualizing data in Excel spreadsheets, we have already learned about Working with Charts in Excel Workbook. Now, let us explore another feature of Conditional Formatting in Excel files. It is a useful and effective way of …

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Add, Delete and Manipulate Charts in Excel file using C#

Charts are used to reflect information in easy to understand manner. Spreadsheets are used by almost all offices to manage data but they are not so easy to read. This is why a Chart, often known as a graph in …

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Add, Delete, or Update Bookmarks in PDF Documents

Bookmarks make navigation easier in large documents. Readers can easily jump between different pages and sections, instead of scrolling through the whole document. Aspose.PDF Cloud API offers many PDF manipulation features. Working with Bookmarks is one of the commonly used …

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Add Watermark or Delete Watermark in Word (DOCX/DOC) Documents

Microsoft Word (DOCX/DOC) documents are frequently used to exchange information. Sometimes a watermark is added on the document to show ownership or purpose of the document. There could be different possible use cases, whereas we will be learning following scenarios …

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Split Word DOC/DOCX Pages to Multiple Documents in C#

Split word files

You may need to split huge word files into smaller files. Aspose.Words Cloud API can enhance your applications with the ability to split Microsoft Word Documents without needing any 3rd party application. A generous trial quota is awarded when you …

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Split PDF File into Multiple Files using C# .NET

Split PDF C# csharp

Splitting a PDF document is a quite famous use case in file format manipulation. For instance, the finance management system of some organization creates a report containing many salary slips of their employees, then they need to split the PDF …

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Convert an Image to Grayscale with RESTful API

Image to Grayscale

Images are widely used to represent information. Considering the demand and requests, we have introduced a most awaited feature of image to grayscale conversion in Aspose.Imaging Cloud API February 2020 release.

You can convert, edit or manipulate BMP, GIF, JPEG, …

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Replace Text in PDF and Encrypt PDF with Password Protection

Replace text in PDF file

Aspose.PDF Cloud API lets you create Cloud-based applications in your favorite programming language. You can create PDF documents from scratch, edit existing PDF files or convert supported file formats with the API. You can replace text in a PDF document …

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Create a Chart in Excel file and Export Chart to Image with Cloud API

Create charts in excel files

Aspose.Cells REST APIs enrich your Cloud-based applications with spreadsheet processing features. The API comes with several SDKs that are distributed under an MIT license, so you can simply integrate the features in your applications. This utility lets you focus on …

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Convert Word to HTML and Vice Versa using REST APIs

Aspose.Words Cloud API

Aspose.Words Cloud enables you to convert Word documents, including DOC and DOCX, to HTML file format. Word to HTML conversion is helpful in situations where you want to show the contents of a Word document online and make them search …

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