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Merge or Split PPT in Python

Split or Merge PPT

Over the course of time, many documents are created by various people in organisations and for long-term archival purposes, they are combined together into a single unified source of information. Similarly, a document may contain too many details which cannot …

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PPTX to PDF and PDF to PPT conversion in Python

PowerPoints are a popular format of information presentations and corporate briefings. The PowerPoint slides enable you to individually specify various information types on separate slides. But in order to view the presentations, you need to have specific software. As a …

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Convert PPTX to JPG online. PPT to PNG conversion in Java

PPT to JPG conversion

MS PowerPoint enables the user to create dynamic, informational slides through the use of text, graphics, and animation. Such visual and audio cues may also help a presenter be more improvisational and interactive with the audience. Owing to these features, …

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Extract Frame from a Multi-Frame TIFF Image using C# REST API

Extract TIFF frames

Tag Image File Format, abbreviated TIFF or TIF, is a computer file format for storing raster graphics images, popular among graphic artists, the publishing industry, and photographers. TIFF is different from JPEG, GIF, and PNG because it is …

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Merge JPEG images online. Free API to merge Images in C#

Merge images online

The raster image formats (JPEG, PNG, GIF, PNG, etc) are the popular formats for picture data sharing. Most imaging devices including modern digital cameras and mobile phones directly produce the output in one of these …

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Merge Word documents online. Combine DOCX using Python

Merge Word files in Python

In large distributed teams, multiple team members work on different modules and produce related artifacts. However, for an end-user, a single combined document is required in a logical manner. The process of manually combining the documents can be adopted for …

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PDF Merger, Merge PDF files using Python REST API

Merge PDF in Python

The PDF split and merge operations are usually offered in paid software and most free PDF viewers do not provide these capabilities. Also, in case you need to merge certain PDF documents together, you need to first install, configure and …

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Free Java SDK to Encrypt or Decrypt PDF files

Encrypt PDF files

Encryption is a famous and reliable approach to protect the content of PDF documents. When a document is encrypted, its contents become unreadable, and only authorized users can decrypt the document to obtain access to the contents. When you …

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Digitally sign PDF documents online in PHP

Digitally sign PDF files

PDF documents are among the widely used file formats for information sharing. They usually have confidential and legal value, such as a contract. In order to ensure the integrity of files and to avoid any counterfeit, we add digital signatures. …

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Online PDF OCR – Convert scanned PDF to searchable PDF using Java REST API

Scanned PDF to searchable

Images are one of the integral components for data sharing and some applications directly render the source content in PDF format. But this convenience increases the cost when we have to search certain content inside the document. In that scenario, …

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