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Perform OCR using Python REST API

Optical Character Recognition is a smart way to recognize content over raster images. It even becomes more useful when you need to preserve the old archival literature in a digital format. Thousands of years old books can be easily preserved …

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Free Java API to Merge MS Word | DOCX files

Merge Word files

In large distributed enterprises, many people work on certain modules of a large application or in various departments that produce a unified/merged product and during the development process, they continue to work on living product documentation. After the integration of …

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Split Word Documents using Java Cloud API

Split document icon

MS Word documents (DOC, DOCX, etc) is one of the most widely used document format used for information and data sharing. Due to its rich formatting support, the presentation and storage of information in this format are …

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Manipulate sparklines in Excel using Free Cloud API

Sparkline in excel image

Charts are one of the great mechanisms to visually represent data and when dealing with computational data inside excel files, graphs and charts play a pivotal role in data representation. However, sometimes we stumble upon a situation where we …

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C# .NET Cloud API for PowerPoint Sections | HeaderFooter management

PowerPoint presentation Processing Image

Cataloging is a great way to logically group related items and as we are familiar with the use of folders to organize related files, therefore a similar approach to use sections can be opted to organize your slides into meaningful groups. …

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Free WordPress export plugin | Custom Fields |Custom Excerpts rendering to DOCX | ODT | RTF | TXT

Aspose.Words Exporter plugin banner

Aspose.Words exporter is a 100% Free WordPress posts and pages export plugin. In order to use this plugin, you even do not need to subscribe or signup. Just install the plugin over WordPress instance and start exporting single as well …

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BarCode processing using C# .NET save to PNG | JPEG | TIFF | BMP

Aspose.Cloud provides developer-friendly, simple APIs that can be used on any platform for various document formats processing. The basic intent is to provide APIs which can make the developer’s life easy while manipulating file formats. In fact, you do not …

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Manipulate Charts, Pivot tables, and Sparklines using Cloud API

Sparklines in Excel preview

In every new release, we are striving to introduce new features a recent release of Aspose.Cells Cloud 20.9, some new and very exciting features have been introduced so that our customers, make the best use of our APIs while …

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C++ Cloud SDK for PowerPoint processing

Aspose.Slides Cloud SDK for C++ logo

Aspose.Slides Cloud is one of our popular Cloud API offering the features to perform MS PowerPoint & OpenOffice presentation slides creation, processing, merging & conversion by simple cURL commands via REST API. Also, in order to facilitate our customers using …

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