Aspose.3D Cloud is Coming Soon!

We are glad to inform you that we are going to add a new Cloud API, Aspose.3D Cloud, in the products list of soon. Aspose.3D Cloud is a platform independent REST API solution to manipulate 3D files without any 3D modeling and rendering software dependencies. It will enable developers to use it in their application to create, read, convert, modify and control the substance of 3D document formats easily with minimal learning curve. The REST API will be available very soon to be consumed in your applications.

Here is a brief overview of upcoming API. It will not be limited to the following features, but we will keep adding new useful features and support of new file formats in the API.

Salient features

1. Format convert

·       Convert whole file into different format

·       Convert part of the file into different format

2. Modeling and Data Processing

·       Parametric Modeling

a.    Create entities with specific property

·       Delete object from scene

a.    Delete nodes that has a Camera or Light attached, nodes are addressed by Object Addressing Path

3. Utilities

·       Extract 3D contents from PDF file

a.    Extract raw data (without any modification) from a password protected PDF file

b.    Extract scenes and save in different format

·       Triangulate meshes

a.    Triangulate whole file and save to different file

b.    Triangulate whole file and save to original file

c.     Triangulate part of the scene (Specified by OAP) and save the scene to different file

Supported formats

Aspose.3D Cloud REST API supports following file formats and operations:

Format Description Read Write Remarks
AMF Additive manufacturing file format Yes Yes  
RVM AVEVA Plant Design Management System Model Yes Yes  
DAE Collada Yes Yes  
FBX Autodesk FBX format. Yes Yes From 7.2 to 7.5, both ASCII/Binary.
OBJ Wavefront Obj Yes Yes Including mesh/point cloud support.
PDF 3D PDF Yes Yes Only supports standard U3D embedded 3D content in PDF. PRC and U3D with RH Mesh extension are not supported yet.
PLY Polygon File Format or Stanford Triangle Format Yes Yes Including mesh/point cloud support.
STL Standard Triangle Language Yes Yes  
U3D Universal3D Yes Yes  
GLTF GL Transmission Format Yes Yes  

Security and Authentication

The Aspose.3D Cloud REST API is secured and requires JWT authentication to authenticate your API calls using an app access key ID (App SID) and app secret access key(App KEY).

API Explorer

There will be an easy way to try out our API right away in your browser with the Aspose Cloud Web API References Explorer. There will be a collection of Swagger documentation for the Aspose.3D Cloud. You can get information about all the resources in the API. It will also provide testing and interactivity to our API endpoint documentation.


Aspose.3D Cloud will come with SDKs for all popular programing languages hosted on our GitHub repository along with working examples, to get you started in no time.

Our first version

We are currently in the process of preparing Examples and Documentation for this new product. We have planned to release the first version of the Aspsoe.3D Cloud REST API soon with features shared above. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to write on Forum.

Please stay tuned to this blog for further updates.