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Aspose Cloud December Pricing Update

Simplifying Pricing for New Customers We have updated the Aspose Cloud pricing structure to simplify it for new customers. Previously some API calls were “chargeable” while other API calls were not. If an API call created a document or meaningful result, then it was chargeable. If an API call did not create a document or result, then it was not chargeable. However, there were some ‘grey areas’ with certain Aspose Cloud products where customers were confused about whether they should …

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Aspose.Storage Cloud has been Discontinued

Aspose is glad to share with you that Aspose.Storage Cloud API features are now more simplified. Files and folders storage and their manipulation are no more dependent on the separate Aspose.Storage Cloud API, however, these features have been integrated within every Aspose Cloud API. To be very precise, “Aspose.Storage Cloud has been discontinued as a separate product”. What existing users can do about Aspose.Storage? Aspose.Storage Cloud API and following SDKs will remain available on the public repositories like GitHub, NuGet, …

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Convert VSDX to PDF with Aspose.Diagram Cloud SDK for PHP

Hello Guys! We’re pleased to share another important monthly release of Aspose.Diagram Cloud API release, 19.10. In this blog post I’ll introduce you with the new features and enhancements of the release using VSDX to PDF conversion feature. In this release, we’ve made significant updates to improve performance and stability of Aspose.Diagram Cloud to make it the developer’s first choice for Microsoft Visio file format manipulation without depending on Microsoft Visio. We introduced SaveOption parameter for the SaveAs API to …

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Apply Image Processing Filters with Aspose.Imaging Cloud SDK for .NET

With the major release of Aspose.Imaging Cloud 19.10, we’ve introduced an advanced image processing feature; support of Image processing filters. The image filters list includes a variety of the filters for image noise reduction, sharpen and smoothing images. In this release, we’ve also fixed some issues reported in our previous releases. It makes this release more reliable and stable image processing REST API. Please check the detailed release notes of Aspose.Imaging Cloud 19.10 to get an idea of all the …

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Show Data Labels Over the Maximum of the Chart with Aspose.Slides Cloud 19.10

Our Aspose.Slide Cloud monthly releases continue, and we’re happy to announce the latest version, 19.10. It’s available on production server. It improves the Chart manipulation feature of the API .It includes a new chart property ShowDataLabelsOverMaximum to show data labels over the maximum of the chart, custom HTTP headers support and issue fixes in API Explorer. Check the release notes of this version for a complete list of enhancements and improvements. Let me give you a quick overview of some …

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Manipulate 3D Model and Object with Aspose.3D Cloud

Are you looking for a robust 3D modeling and transformation API?  Aspose fulfilled your quest with introduction of Aspose.3D Cloud. It will help the developers to manage file formats used in 3D model, gaming, computer aided design and manufacturing on any platform without dependency of any 3D modeling and rendering software. What is Aspose.3D Cloud? Aspose.3D Cloud is a REST API solution that helps developers to add features to create, modify and convert 3D objects, models and entities in their …

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Data Validation in Microsoft Excel with Aspose.Cells Cloud 19.10

We’re pleased to announce monthly release Aspose.Cells Cloud 19.10. It is already published and available for usage on the production server. It includes new exciting features including delete data validation from Excel worksheets and support to add HTML string in a cell along with the issue fixes reported in the previous versions of Aspose.Cells Cloud. We’ve also updated the SDKs of all the supporting platforms for new release. You can download the latest SDKs of Aspose.Cells Cloud from the …

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Insert Checkbox and Radio Button in PDF with Aspose.PDF Cloud 19.10

We’re happy to announce that Aspose.PDF Cloud 19.10 has been just released and available on production server. We’re continuously evolving the Aspose.PDF Cloud based on your feedback and requests. We’ve added support to insert Checkbox and Radio Button fields in this release. These new exciting features will help you to create more interactive fillable PDF forms for data collection with simple HTTP requests. Spare some time and check release notes of this version for a complete list of enhancements and …

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REST API Solution to Rasterize SVG Images

Hello guys, we are back with another monthly release of Aspose.Imaging Cloud, 19.9. It has been live now and available for consuming it in your application. In this release, we have introduced support of the SVG image format, improved memory usage, along with many other improvements and bug fixes of the issues reported in previous versions of Aspose.Imaging Cloud. For complete details of new features and enhancement, please check the release notes of this version. Read on to see what’s …

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Convert Word Document to Binary TIFF Image with Aspose.Words Cloud 19.9

We’re pleased to announce new monthly release Aspose.Words Cloud 19.9. It is already available on production server. The release of this month includes a number of improvements and fixes of the issue reported by our users in previous releases. Please check the detailed release notes of Aspose.Words Cloud 19.9 to get an idea of all the new enhancements and bug fixes made in this release. Read on to see what’s new. Control Threshold for TIFF Binary Image When you are …

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